The Death and Dragon Arc


The Temp or Taking Time Off  -  Ashura
Okay, pretend that "Wonderland", "Through the Looking Glass," and "Reunion" are all part of the same timeline. Great, reality has been suspended, now we can do anything. Naw, seriously. I had a crummy morning, needed to do something fun to blow off steam. This was it.



 Relaxation  -  dhuron

 Well this little ‘side-fic’ was inspired by the Queens themselves, Christy and Mel!! If it wasn’t for their awesome writing, I would have never even considered writing a 5X2...but they’ve swayed my opinion into liking this pairing!!! I hope I can doit justice..*LOL* No pun intended* This fic takes place around the same time as ‘STIC’. LEMON


Small Words  -  miyomi

I finished a fic that takes place in your Death and Dragon  Gundamverse sometime after "Rebuilding"; since I borrowed your Wufei  (and your Duo--but only for a little bit, and I put him right back where I  found him, I swear!!),


 Thank You  -   Rhina

Chapter 1Chapter 2

This is a Reunion Sidefic. I begged and pleaded for a chance to write this section because I really thought this pairing was truly intriguing. I think they really make a nice couple together. Pairing : 11+/x Sally


To Be A Hero   -  Vega

A few days ago I discovered your fanfic, and am equally proud and ashamed to say that within twenty-four hours I had the entire thing read, and found myself yearning for more. Thinking of more got me thinking in other ways, and therefore I ask you to accept this fic as thanks for the arc.


Your Heart Will Lead You Home  -  Miyaka

This is set in between the prologue and Chapter one of Reunion.


You and Me  -  Miyaka

Trowa and Quatre centric... Shortly after the end of the war.


Demon of Justice


Down To Georgia   -  Jo

Takes place at some hypothetical far-or-perhaps-not-so-far-future point in Demon of Justice, and assumes the other GBoys popped up in Norfressa for reasons as yet unknown -- mostly "it wouldn't be any fun for M&C if they never brought the boys back together again... I hope".


  The Dragon And The Big bad War-God or
Do Closet Perverts Dream of Mech Jockies?
  -  Syx Maxwell

Ok, I was evilly inspired. Take it as fun or maybe a side fic if you feel the urge. It's short, but I think I captured the mood ne? ^_^


The Letters  -  Veronica Bridges




Warped Mirrors


Hall of Mirrors  -  Gwynn Whitelock

Prologue Chapter 1Chapter 2



Warped Mirrors  -  Stef





Gundam Wing




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