The Dragon And The Big bad War-God
Do Closet Perverts Dream of Mech Jockies?




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Karshnark smiled at the vision before him. Ebony hair formed a soft halo about a flushed face. Carmine lips, red and swollen for his mistrations, parted sweetly to pant his name. Oh yes, it had been worth the wait.

He knew the others thought him mad for waiting, coaxing this fiery champion to his side, but what could be sweeter than his complete surrender. The wild one accepted his destiny and belonged to his god now.

The dark war god leaned down and kissed Wufei possessively, drawing the broken gasps into his own mouth. Oh yes, that was simply marvelous. He would have to 'punish' this sweet creature for his early defiance, but that would just add spice to the play.

He drew one slim bronzed leg over his shoulder and surged inside that tight warmth. 'Oh! Oh~h' It was undeniably good, satisfying on a way he had never thought possible. He rocked back and forth, drawing little whimpers and moans of need from the pilot.

He knew this warrior would be perfect for him the moment he laid eyes on that bright burning soul. He nipped teasingly at the soft lips that had worshiped him not long before, smug in his choice. His own hand found the trembling hard length between their bodies and gave it a slow stroke.

Wufei bucked upward, his voice cracking on a harsh sob of lust/desire/need/pleasure. Karshnark leaned down, moving further inside that hot sheath to growl against his lips, "Yes, feel it. Know that youa re mine, little mortal. My Champion, my chosen..."

He timed the smooth stroke of his palm to the words, luxuriating in each breathy sound that escaped the teen. oh yes, just a little more...


The war god bolted upright, drawn from his heated dream by the sound of his father's command. Stunned so utterly by the lush dream he had induldged in he was more than a little flustered. Still he calmed and left to answer the summons.

He would have to speak with his little mortal soon. And maybe a bit more...



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