Thank You

Chapter 1



Disclaimers: Disclaimer: I don't own them or any G Boys (darn!) and the
song "Thank You" is by Dido and is really a touching song.

Warnings: yuri overtones, language, sap, Death and Dragon Arc sidefic

< < lyrics > >

< < Push the door, Iím home at last and Iím soaking through and through

then you handed me a towel and all I see is you

and even if my house falls down now,

I wouldnít have a clue because youíre near me > >

~~~ September AC 198 ~~~

"Come on car, come on," coaxed Une, gripping the steering wheel tightly in her firm grasp. "I just want to get home!"

Peering through the car's window at the dark clouds overhead, Une pressed down on the gas pedal of the jeep, inching further forward in the bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic. There was nothing worse in her organized mind than having forgotten her umbrella and have the threat of ominous rain overhead. She glanced at the briefcase on the seat beside her. There was no way she could afford to let the contents become even damp, but the rapidly darkening sky was looking like it might defeat her efforts.

"Come on," huffed Une, sparing a dark glare for the drivers around her, "we're nearly to my exit! Don't stop right there!"

With an irritated snap, she switched off the babbling twit on the radio who was cheerfully predicting the largest downpour on record this fall. Une glanced once more at the case on with its precious cargo and then back at the darkening sky. As her foot tapped the floorboard impatiently, the other gently nudged the gas bringing her that much further forward.

With a sigh relief, she reached the exit and raced forward down the ramp. She flicked down her turn signal and she heard it tick frantically as she waited for a pause in the traffic to allow her left hand turn.

"Nooooo.... Hold off a little longer," moaned Une under her breath as the first fat drops of rain splashed against the windshield as she finally made her turn.

Speeding down the street, she pushed the jeep in her hurry to beat the downpour of rain threatened with each splatter against the windshield. Bigger and bigger drops plunked against the glass, covering more and more area. In defiance of the rain, Une refused to turn on the wipers, concentrating on urging the jeep ever faster forward.

With a sigh of relief, Une turned in to the driveway of the house she shared with Sally. Smiling slightly with relief at having beat the rain, which had continued to only splatter occasionally, she let the jeep purr into its parking space beside the house.

Turning off the jeep and removing the key from the ignition, she grabbed her briefcase from the seat beside her.

Just as she began to open the door of the jeep, the dark sky opened and loosened down the contents of the overfull dark clouds. It pounded against the roof of the jeep and covered the windshield, creating a wall of pouring water between herself and the door to the house.

"Well, shit," grumbled Une, snarling slightly at the cascade of rain barring her previously dry path of twenty yards to the door. "I swear we're building a garage - starting tomorrow!"

Taking a deep breath, she braced herself and flung open the jeep's door. With a quick dash, she ran from the jeep to the house.

It only took moments for Une to cross the space, but that was long enough to soak her to the skin. Pushing slicked down hair back from her eyes, she slid her key into the door's lock.

Before she could even turn the key, the door was pulled open. Unceremoniously, Une was dragged in from the downpour and the door was slammed resolutely against the torrents of weather outside.

"I just knew you'd get caught in this," grumbled Sally as she quickly peeled off Une's jacket and shoes without protestations. "I told you it was going to rain and that you needed to come home soon."

"Yes ma'am," mumbled Une with a small smile. No matter how many times it had happened, Sally's overwhelming concern for her well-being always amused Une. Amused her and pleased her to no end, but she never dared to share the pleasure it gave her - not yet anyway.

'It's as if I was a naughty little girl or something,' thought Une with something akin a giggle while Sally continued to lecture on a seemingly endless stream of Une's faults. With the simple act of being cared for in way never afford her before, Une basked in Sally's affectionate care and allowed herself to smile with thoughts that warmed her from within as much as the removal of her damp clothing warmed her from without.

Efficient hands stripped away everything but her thin shirt and practical skirt before leaving to fetch a warmed towel. Fresh from the dryer, the warm fluffy bath sheet was rubbed vigoroursly against Une's silky hair and damp clothes and bared skin.

Satisfied that her 'patient' was reasonably dry, Sally handed Une a long terry cloth bathrobe that had also been warmed in the dryer. Gratefully Une accepted the warm garment and slipped it on over her clothes, wrapping it tightly around her narrow waist.

"Put this on and come sit down," commanded Sally. "You need to get something hot in to you before you get sick."

Choking slightly, Une managed to contain the sharp retort as she tightened the belt on the thoughtfully warmed robe. She rubbed her cheek against the collar, admiring the soft feel and sighing as the warmth permeated through her clothes.

In an attempted display of meekness, Une followed Sally in to the kitchen and took a seat at the comfortable oak table that dominated the eating area. As she sat down, Sally lowered a tea tray on to the table and handed Une a steaming cup.

"I know that tea is not your favorite, but this herbal one has some added vitamins that I think you could use," lectured Sally, defying Une to refuse the cup. "Besides the fact that it is caffeine free and we both know you could use less of that!"

"Are you my friend or my doctor?" commented Une with a single raised eyebrow. She sipped the steaming drink delicately. She had to admit that this wasn't half as bad as the last time Sally had pushed one of those noxious brews called 'tea' on her.

"Both," responded Sally promptly. "You and I are well aware of how hard you've been working lately and how bad that is for you."

With a sigh, Sally plopped down in the chair beside Une and turned to face her friend. "I'm worried about how hard you've been working. It's not healthy. And then you do something as foolish as try and dash between raindrops.... It's a small miracle you aren't sicker than you are!"

Amused, Une smiled at Sally. "Is there something in those test results from that 'mandatory physical' I was forced to endure last month that I should know about?"

"No," replied Sally, turning away from Une to gaze out the large picture window on the drenched emerald green world. The beauty of the world outside the window, no matter the weather, always seemed to take her breath away and provoke those thoughts of the other beauty in the world she knew of.

She knew there was no easy way to explain the reason for her concern to Une. It had everything to do with the feelings boiling deep inside her, feelings that she knew went far beyond the comfortable friendship they had built together.

There's no easy way to bring about those types of discussions with someone when you never want to considering losing their friendship. So instead, you bury the thoughts as best you can and struggle on. And then those traitorous feelings end up displaying themselves at the worse time.

It's funny how these things had never occurred to her before. Perhaps it had taken watching Duo and Wufei come together to bring to light the feelings buried deep inside her. She knew that she should follow the wonderful the example they had shown for how to be a friend, but she was too scared. Someday....

"Sally?" queried Une, looking at the thoughtful face of her housemate. Something seemed to be troubling her normally vibrant housemate, being quiet without voicing an opinion was so unlike her.

Une watched her idly twist a long strand of golden hair around her finger. Sally was wearing it loose and down at the moment and that was the way that Une preferred it. She loved the humanity and softness it brought to those graceful features. It made her blue eyes even bluer, giving her an almost ethereal look.

For awhile Une had realized that her feelings for Sally were rapidly approaching something that went a bit beyond that friend and roommate boundary. And all it took was one smart comment from Duo about watching the 'love oozing from her gaze' when Sally was around to wise up to what was going on in her heart. Some days these emotional things were harder to identify that she realized.

With a start, Sally came back to herself and gave Une a rueful smile, dragging Une away from her own contemplations. "Just wool gathering I guess." Her smile became mischievous, lighting her blue eyes. "Trying to come up with a fool-proof plan to make you work less and take more care of yourself."

Une chuckled into her teacup. "Now that would take some heavy thinking."

Sally joined her laughter and stood and stretched, Une's admiring gaze following the graceful movements of the lithe form.

"How about some dinner then?" asked Sally, her gentle smile caressing Une's elegant face.

"Sounds like a plan," said Une, setting aside her teacup and preparing to stand. "Let me help you."

Sally reached over and placed her hands squarely on Une's shoulders, holding her to her seat. Gentle hands reached up and tucked a loose strand of hair behind Une's delicate ear. "You just stay right there and take care of yourself for once."

Slightly startled by the highly intimate gesture, but pleased at the same time. Une reacted to the action by increasing the intimacy between them. Moving forward slightly, she leaned her forehead against Sally's, watching bright blue eyes widen with surprise. "Perhaps I'd rather you take care of me."

Silence stretched across the room as blue eyes gazed into brown and the fast beat of two restless hearts counted time as their thoughts chased down the same line.

'Maybe she really does love me.....'


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