The Letters



By Veronica Bridges

WuFei hated to admit it, but he was bored. He had always prided himself on his resourcefulness in finding something to do. He could never understand why it was that Duo was always complaining about boredom, and doing whatever he could to annoy the other pilots to alleviate it. Today, however, even Maxwell’s incessant prattle would be a welcome distraction. His throat constricted suddenly at the possibility that he may never see his comrades again. He had met many interesting individuals on this strange planet, but he still missed his friends.

WuFei’s ears had recently healed and he had spent the morning riding in Nataku listening to the wildlife as they continued their trek. But, all he heard was birds. The voices of the birds began to run together, nearly lulling him to sleep. They sounded the same as the birds he had heard a half an hour ago, and an hour before that, and the hour before that. Even the voices of the people he was traveling with seemed monotonous. He tried looking around at the terrain, but it didn’t look all that different than what he had seen all day. Double checking to make sure he had the speakers turned down from the last time he had listened to music, he pulled out the box of CDs Duo had left him. Flipping through them, he found one he had not noticed before. There was a letter taped to the front of it in Duo’s handwriting.

WuFei looked up from the letter he was reading, wiped the tears away that were threatening to fall, and smiled. He knew Duo well enough to know what he was doing. The two men were the best of friends, and were always making those sorts of jokes, usually around the other pilots, who never seemed to quite understand how two people who were supposedly so different can get along so well. They didn't realize just how alike the two pilots really were. Wiping his eyes once more, WuFei resumed reading . . .

WuFei found himself chuckling as a tear rolled down his cheek. He read through the letter one last time, popped the Aretha Franklin CD in, and decided to check behind his chair. "Nataku, when the hell did I leave you alone long enough for him to do this?"

Behind his pilot’s chair, he found a plastic bag full of chocolate bars, ‘they’re probably too hot and melted to be any good by now’ he reasoned and continued digging through the cubby hole. Duo had given him a couple of tablets of drawing paper, and a couple of boxes of excellent quality artist pencils. He also gave WuFei a portable CD player with headphones, batteries, and a battery powered recharging unit. In the back, nearly missed, were a small stuffed dragon, and another letter.

 ‘Hey Wu – man,

For the second time that day WuFei had tears in his eyes as he worried about the whereabouts of his friends. He wondered what was happening with the war, and if Duo and the others had made it out of the battle safely. With a shake of his head, he tried to change the directions his thoughts were taking him, and concentrate on the music, which, surprisingly, he was enjoying.

As the day came to a close and the group of travelers stopped for the night, WuFei hopped down from the cockpit of Nataku and went to help set up camp for the night. He had been listening to CDs all day, and one song in particular had stayed in his mind. He sang aloud, in English. The travelers looked at him quizzically because he was singing a song in one of his languages, surprising because they had gotten used to hearing them speak in theirs since he had received the gift of tongues.

Through their mental link, only Karthan was able to understand what he was saying. Then he couldn’t stop laughing. This earned him some strange looks from people nearby.

Naiya asked "What’s he saying? I was only able to pick up a little of his language when he was staying with us, and that wasn’t part of it." Uthmar was nearby and nodded his agreement.

"You don’t even want to know," was all he could manage to gasp out between giggles.

WuFei, completely oblivious to this, continued to sing, ". . . You make me feel like a natural woman. . ." as he finished with helping to set up camp.




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