Wufei tiredly opened the front door and walked into the house. Shrugging off his coat, the exhausted
Chinese man walked towards the kitchen, a faint smell of something tickling his nose.

“Hi koi” Duo said while wrapping his arms around his husbands waist, planting a loving kiss Wufei’s

“Mmm..Duo. What are you cooking?”

“Your favorite...”

“Need any help?”

“No love, you go and relax. Tonight is all for you.” Duo said before planting another loving kiss on
those tempting lips. “Go take a shower, dinner will be done when you’re finished.”


“Love you too Wu.”


“It was wonderful koi.” Wufei complimented his husband while they laid on the sofa. His feet propped
on Duo’s legs. A soft moan left his lips, Duo’s warm hands were massaging his feet. Slowly he felt all the
tiredness and soreness melt away under the skillful attack. Soon the hands were moving up his legs,
working his ankles, and calves until they felt like jelly. “Duo...”

“Feeling better love?”


Duo’s hands started to kneed the warm flesh of Wufei’s thighs, heat was radiating from the thin

“What do you want now?” Duo purred while nipping Wufei’s ear.


Duo’s hands went to the waistband of Wufei’s pants, teasing the flesh before he slowly started to pull
them off. Kissing his mate with every ounce of love, the braided man’s hand slowly caressed the aching

“Nnnn...” Wufei’s back arched off the sofa, his mouth covering Duo’s in a deep kiss. He pulled the
long chestnut braid over the broad shoulder and pulled off the hair tie. His onyx eyes softened as the
cascading chestnut locks framed Duo’s lithe body. “Beautiful”

Duo brought his love’s hands to the waist band of his slacks. Wufei made quick work of the fastener and
zipper, his hand slid under the material taking Duo into his hand. Pleasurable moans filled the room,
Wufei’s hands slid deeper into the slack’s confines stimulating Duo to the point of mindless whimpers.
Awkwardly they managed to removed Duo’s pants, leaving his lower body bare. He captured Duo’s
arousal once again, slowly stroking the hardened flesh.

“want you Wu...make love to me.” Duo’s half-lidded eyes stared into the endless black, he took Wufei’s
hand into his and brought the golden fingers to his mouth. His tongue darted out and licked the digits,
slowly sucking them into his mouth. He released Wufei’s fingers, his own hand coming up to guide the
long, slicked fingers to his opening.

Wufei watched his love’s face as he slowly penetrated Duo’s body, carefully preparing
his beloved. He kissed away each gasp and moan, savoring it like sweet honey. “Koi....”

“under the cushion...” the braided one gasped out, knowing what Wufei was about to ask. He forced his
eyes opened and watched as the familiar tube came into sight. With shaking hands, he took the tube from
Wufei. Popping the cap off, Duo squeezed the colorless gel onto one hand and moved to towards
Wufei’s arousal. With slow strokes, Duo covered the flesh with the lubrication.

Slowly he slid his body down, Wufei’s length pushing into his body. His eyes slid closed, head tossed back
as he was claimed. “Wufei....” he moaned, rocking his hips to create more stimulation.

Wufei bit back a moan as he entered Duo, liquid fire enveloped his arousal. His back arched off the
sofa, driving himself deeper into his love. Passion’s flames licked his body as the two moved together.
Their movements were slow and loving, each wanting the other to enjoy every moment of their joining. Wufei’s
hips rose to meet each downward thrust, his hands captured Duo’s arousal and stroked slowly.

“Duo!” he cried out, head thrashing from side to side.

“Wufei!” the hands stroking him, combined with Wufei passionately making love to him, was too much.
With one last hoarse shout, Duo succumbed to his orgasm. His seed covered the golden hand while he
cried out his love and devotion. Duo felt his love thrust into him twice more before he felt Wufei’s
release mark his body.

“Koi!” Wufei cried out while his orgasm hit, hot seed flooding into Duo. His hips continued to thrust
upward, still releasing his passion into his husband’s body. Black eyes opened, looking at Duo, one hand
brushed away the unruly bangs.

“Ai shiteru, Duo”

“I love you Wufei.”

Duo eased himself off of the softening erection and curled up on Wufei, his head resting on the powerful
chest. Slowly he fell asleep, hand held tightly in the other’s grasp.

“love you”




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