November 13, 196 AC



(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Humour


Duo opened his cola, leaned back in the porch chair and propped his feet on the railing. This was nice, if a bit chilly. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the squirrels were scampering through the trees, his laptop was beeping...

Wait. His laptop was beeping.

Jumping out of the chair, he rushed into the cabin and flipped up the lid on his laptop. The email was from Relena, not an emergency as he had worried, but since he was already up and inside, he figured he'd read it.


SENT: 12:42 November 13, 196AC

---message begins---


Thanks for setting this email account up for me. You're right, I do feel better knowing that I can contact you and Heero at any time, without being traced *and* without having to show up on your doorstep in a pink limousine.

(You know, somehow I got the impression that the pink limousine was the part that *really* bothered you, not the turning-up-unannounced-possibly-trailed-by-OZ part-- although you were pretty scathing about that, too, last time. Am I right?)

I didn't email you just to discuss your opinion of my choice of transport, though we can do that too if you like. I need advice. Serious advice.

Duo, I think you're the one person in this world who can honestly say he understands Heero. I need... well... relationship advice. Or should I call it building-a-relationship advice? Advice on how to handle a relationship *with Heero*, anyway. Emphasis very much intended. I don't think *normal* relationship advice will be appropriate.

I'm sorry to impose on you like this, but I desperately want to do this right, without making mistakes at every step, the way I have been up until now.



P.S. I would love to see *you* in a happy relationship, as well. Have you told Wufei how you feel about him yet?

---message ends---


Ten minutes later, Duo was still staring at the screen.

"Whoa," he muttered, dazed. "She doesn't want much, does she?"

Mentally shaking himself, he started his reply.


SENT: 13:36 November 13, 196AC
SUBJECT: Re: Advice

---message begins---


I feel like a relationship therapist now, and you two don't really have a relationship yet! You're just nuts about one another. Okay I can do this.

First some personal advice from me to you: Get rid of the pink limo-- I think you outgrew that about ten years ago!--... and the pink clothes... and pink, in general. It doesn't suit you. With your blonde hair and rosy complexion, it washes you out. I'd go with bolder colours... medium to dark blues, rich greens, possibly rich earth tones, even. Avoid pastels and limit any white.

(And you're right. Though the whole OZ trailing you thing was annoying, the pink limo really narked me. It made me twitch... and a twitchy terrorist Gundam pilot is *not* a good thing!)

Now for advice on Heero: Big thing-- Don't cling. Clingy is not good. Need him, yes. He needs to be needed, and he needs to *know* he's needed... but don't cling. Lean on him, need him, but don't smother him.

Don't let him shut you out. He's good at that. If he starts to close off, push until he gives in (and he will give in eventually). Don't back down. And that's another thing. Stand up to him. If you think you're right, hold your ground and don't give in to him. Be just as stubborn as he is.

Be patient. They weren't kidding when they said 'patience is a virtue', especially with Heero. If he seems like something's bothering him, just be there and wait. If he knows you're willing to listen, he'll tell you, eventually. You may have to lead him in the discussion, or ask questions, to help him get to his point.

Be rational, especially if you get into an argument. Remember, he's stubborn. Stay calm, present him with evidence supporting your view, point out faults in his, but stay calm. When he realises you're right, he will give in... always assuming you *are* right, of course. God Himself couldn't get Heero to give in if he has the facts on his side.

Always put things in as positive a light as you can.

He has a sense of humour, it's just dry and sarcastic, for the most part. And don't believe him when he does the 'omae o korosu' thing. I think he only says it to people he cares about, now.

Hugging is good. Touching is good. I got him used to it, and since he doesn't kick me out of bed when I use him as a teddy bear or security blanket, he must like it. Don't get jealous. Yes, we still sleep together when we can, but that's all we do. The way our lives are, another warm, living, breathing body to hold on to at night and keep the nightmares away is probably one of the few things keeping us going... or at least sane. And a gentle hug or touch is a much needed change from some Ozzie's fist in your gut. I told you we weren't 'lovers' any more, and you should know by now that I don't lie. Though... if 'Fei doesn't get his ass in gear, I'd almost be tempted to reconsider-- just teasing. Heero's yours. I just borrow him as a teddy bear. And I'll let you in on a secret: Heero is a fantastic teddy bear, but watch out for boney elbows in your ribs.

I think that's all the 'general' advice I can give. If you want more, you'll have to give me specific questions.

Regarding 'Fei... no, I haven't told him that I'm in love with him yet. Yes, Duo Maxwell is a coward when it comes to getting his heart broken. Can you really blame me? You've seen how he acts toward me, sometimes. At least Heero has given you some hints, especially recently. In my place, in my situation, would you honestly risk the little bit of friendship you had with him to take the wild chance and tell him?

Gotta run, Pretty. I leave for a mission tomorrow, so I have to get my shit together. Take care!


P.S. Another secret: Heero is ticklish behind his left knee. Oh! And for when you get to that point... there is this sensitive spot on his neck, behind and slightly below his right ear... drives him crazy-- in a good way! Hugs & Kisses, Pretty!

---message ends---


* * * * *

*That had better be good enough,* Duo sighed to himself, hitting 'send'. *She's a bright girl-- now that she's started paying attention to the _real_ world, not her own private romantic movie in her head-- so she should be able to work things out with Heero.*

*I may not be able to handle my own love life,* he thought with a twisted smile, *but that doesn't mean I can't help somebody else find their way to a happy ending!*





















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