October 25, 196 AC



(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Filler? Angst? Fluff?


Duo sighed and chewed on his lip anxiously. Why wouldn't Wufei let himself be 'one of the guys'? Why wouldn't he loosen up and have just a little fun? Leaning back in his chair and looking at the cockpit's ceiling, he frowned, then nodded in determination.

"Right. Quatre wants us all there. Even if 'Fei doesn't want to be there for his own sake, maybe he would for Quatre's. He's always been polite and sort of considerate towards Q. Besides, I can honestly say I did try if he doesn't bother to show up..."


FROM: SnowDuo@ICE.com
TO: Fang@Dragon.com
SENT: 16:46 October 25, 196AC
SUBJECT: -No Subject-

---message begins---


You know, it really wouldn't hurt you to loosen up and join in our various 'extra-curricular' activities. I mean, what harm would joining our snowball fight have done? Or the post-fight card game? Or any of the other fun, teenage things we've done?

We may be soldiers, but we're still 16 year old boys. We need some 'normal' activities in our screwed up, death and destruction-filled lives. Even Heero admits that, and he's 'Mister Mission'. Without some down time we'll turn into... I don't know what, but it won't be good. And sitting alone in your room, reading, doesn't count as 'down time'. We need to socialise, even if it is just with each other.

Quatre wants to do something for Halloween-- that's October 31, if you didn't know-- and wants us all to be there. It's his first Halloween, and since he's never experienced it before, he wants to have a little party, maybe go trick-or-treating, something. Heero and Trowa have already agreed, though they didn't say if they'd do the whole costume thing or not. Quatre found this house in Salem, Massachusetts, USA... which is cool because that's where all the witch hunts and stuff were back in the 17th century. He's really excited about it.

Anyway, before I keep running on, please try to be there. You may not really consider us as 'friends', but we consider you our friend, and Quatre will be disappointed if you don't at least show up. He really wants you there... and you know how Trowa is when Quatre is disappointed...

Your Friend-


---message ends---


* * * * *

Wufei winced as he saw the message from Duo waiting in his inbox. He knew he'd been acting even more distant and unfriendly lately, trying to keep his distance from the braided pilot, and some sort of backlash was overdue.

He felt even worse after he read it.

*I was expecting him to be angry,* he realised, sitting back with one hand over his mouth after re-reading it. *Not... hurt and disappointed, and obviously trying not to offend me.*

*I'd feel much better if he was calling me names.*

Before he could give way to temptation and send a reply telling Duo how he really felt, how he wanted to be friends-- and more than friends-- he reached out and quickly deleted the message, opening a new email instead of replying directly.


TO: 04@Desert.net
SENT: 17:02 October 25, 196AC
SUBJECT: -No Subject-

---message begins---


At present, I have no missions scheduled for between now and the beginning of November; if this doesn't change, I'll join you in Salem for your party. No guarantees.

If I don't make it, have fun. Feed Maxwell some candy apples or something and tell him they're from me; it's what I'd do to keep him quiet if I was there.


---message ends---


Wufei hit 'send' and immediately started composing a careful message to Master O, asking if there were any OZ bases that needed attention in Europe, or Asia, or anywhere else far away from Salem, Massachusetts.



















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