June 12, 195 AC


(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Humour?


"Booooor-ring..." Duo sing-songed, looking at his watch for the tenth time in nearly that many minutes. Deathscythe was tucked away in a corner of a canyon, waiting for the test models of one of OZ's new prototypes. According to G and the plans Duo had stolen, they weren't anything more than upgraded Leos, but he'd make sure in person. "Let's just hope they show up on time, eh 'Scythe? We've got better things to do than this." Glancing at his watch again, he sighed. "Must kill time... note to self: Kill Father Time next time you see him." Duo chuckled to himself, then pulled up his email program, figuring a couple of emails would occupy the twenty minutes or so that he still had to wait.


FROM: Death@Duo.org
TO: He-man@BOOM.net
SENT: 18:36 June 12, 195AC

---message begins---

Hey Heero,

Trowa emailed Quatre-- you remember him, 04, short blond-- and told us you finally woke up... well, really woke up anyway, not that 'be aware enough to eat' type thing. We've been worried. How are you feeling? When will you be up and around? I'd come visit, but I'm in the middle of a mission right now, and can't really get away.

Things have been kinda quiet while you've been out of it. There's still been a few missions and attacks, but nothing we couldn't handle. I spent some time with Quatre and the Manguanacs-- they're Q's private army, almost-- and they're great guys. The leader is this giant named Rashid, and his seconds are Auda and Abdul. They fixed up our suits and everything. We had a good time, until OZ found us and decided to attack... then we had to bug out fast.

The fifth pilot, G says his name is Chang Wufei, hasn't been around, but after this mission he's supposed to meet up with Q-man and me for some joint mission thing. The 'Powers That Be' are keeping it hush-hush for now, but I have a few guesses. Hopefully, we'll get along okay with Wufei... he seemed kind of... Dunno, maybe uptight, intense, or something at that last run-in. But then, so were you, and you're still a good guy, so I guess we'll see.

Ooops... gotta run. My proximity alarms are going off, so it's time to ambush the Ozzies. Take it easy and let Trowa take care of you a bit.

Stay safe!

Your friend,


---message ends---


* * * * *

Trowa covertly watched Heero's reaction to whatever he was reading, observing with moderate curiosity... and quite a bit of hidden amusement. The injured teen was reading and re-reading one screenful of text, frowning as if he was trying to decode something that was making no sense.

Eventually, Heero snorted and sat back, rubbing absently at the bandages around his left bicep.

"Something wrong?" Trowa asked quietly, deciding that he could react now without seeming to be spying on his 'patient'.

"Maxwell," Heero said, sounding disgusted. "He wants to socialise."

*And you just spent nearly fifteen minutes trying to work out if there was some sort of hidden meaning in his message.* "Not suprising," Trowa replied, straight-faced. "He seems the gregarious type."

"You've talked to him?"

"Via email. He was concerned. I told him you'd be fine."

"His proximity alarms were going off and he still took time to finish a personal email," Heero muttered, glaring at his laptop again. "Or else he just made it up, which is almost as stupid."

"Like I said," Trowa sighed, a faint smile on his face as he got up to leave. "He was concerned."

Heero spent a long time scowling at Duo's message before he finally made up his mind to reply. He changed the email addresses back first, though.


FROM: 01@jnet.org
TO: 02@XXXX.net
SENT: 09:27 June 13, 195AC

---message begins---


I'm fine. Don't waste your time worrying about me.


---message ends---


* * * * *

"Geez," Duo snorted, shaking his head as he read Heero's reply. "The original man of few words and no life! ...Ha! I'm going to have to do something about that..."


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