July 18, 195 AC



(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Angst?


Duo finished reading the email from Quatre, and growled darkly. "Of all the idiotic, suicidal, moronic, stupid, irritating, masochistic people in the earthsphere I have to pick as my best friend, I choose Heero-fricking-Yui. Bad enough he continuously drives me insane with his penchant for getting himself killed, but he doesn't even tell me? He leaves Trowa to tell Quatre to tell me?!"

Pulling up a new email window, Duo thought it was time to give Trigger-Boy a piece of his mind.


FROM: Death@Binky.net
TO: Selfdestructo_Boy@BOOM.com
SENT: 19:27 July 18, 195AC

---message begins---


Are you nuts?! Are you out of your homicidal, masochistic mind?! Have your braincells *all* self-destructed?! Fighting a duel with Zechs, while you're still injured no less?! How many times are you going to try and kill yourself?! You've survived the first five attempts, are you going to continue until you manage it?!

Maybe you don't care about yourself, but did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, other people care about what happens to you? Dammit Heero! I care! You're my friend, maybe my best friend, and I don't have so many friends that I can afford to lose one! What about Quatre? He wants to be your friend, too. Or Trowa?

You know, I have nightmares about you trying to drown, or jumping out of that hospital window, or pushing the self-destruct button, or wandering around handing people a gun and saying 'shoot me'. Isn't that enough? No. Now I get to have nightmares about you commiting suicide via Zechs Merquise. Thanks so much buddy. Am I going to have to worry about your suicidal tendencies every day now?

Jesus, Heero, take a step back and look around you. Yes, the missions are important and freeing the colonies is most important of all, but it won't happen if we're all dead. Right now, if we lose one of us, the rest won't be able to stand against OZ. So, if you still have this suicidal dream, you may as well shoot each one of us now. If you don't care about the rest of us at all, like we care about you, put it this way: We are only five. Lose one and the rest will follow one by one. Then who will free the colonies?

Please stop doing this, Heero, if not for yourself, then for us, your friends. We need you around, and for more than just the mission.


---message ends---


* * * * *


FROM: Selfdestructo_Boy@BOOM.com
TO: Death@Binky.net
SENT: 21:15 July 18, 195AC

---message begins---


...I am not trying to commit suicide. Not anymore. I'll try to avoid giving you that impression in the future. I'm... not used to anyone caring about me. It's a new concept for me.

Thank you, for caring.


P.S. Binky?!

---message ends---


Heero reread Duo's email and thought long and hard about what he'd said, and not said. Duo cared about him. Duo Maxwell, the bright, cheerful, prank-playing, sometimes annoying braided baka cared about Heero Yui. Considered him... a friend.

"Well, he's certainly stubborn enough to keep up with me," he muttered eventually, half-smiling. "Looks like he isn't going to give up, whatever I do. I think... I'll have to learn to be a friend back."

***NOTE: 'Binky' is actually the name of Death's Pale Horse in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series... Binky and the Death of Rats are Christy's favourite characters... "SNH!"





















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