November 10, 195 AC





(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Humour


Duo finally finished his sneezing fit, waited for the pretty sparkling stars in front of his eyes to fade, then picked up the bowl of soup and glass of juice, and took it into the safehouse's single bedroom where Quatre was still bundled up in bed.

"Here, Q, breakfast... sorta. Eat all your soup and drink all your juice like a good little boy. Granted, chicken soup isn't exactly breakfast food, but it's supposed to be good for you," he said, putting the dishes on the nightstand.

Quatre grumbled at the 'good little boy' comment. "I am not good. I am not a little boy--"

"No, you're cranky, sarcastic and being a pain in the ass, but I still like you. I'm going to email Sally, then run to the drugstore and pick up some cold medicine. Stay put." Duo grinned, then doubled over with another sneezing fit.

"Duo, you're sick, too. You shouldn't go out in this weather. What if--" The blond was cut off by a series of nasty coughs, and Duo rushed over to rub his back until they stopped.

"I'm not the one trying to cough up a lung here, Q-bean. I'm fine. Eat. I'll be back soon." With a parting grin, Duo was gone, and minutes later Quatre could hear the sound of the laptop keys clicking.


SENT: 09:01 November 10, 195AC

---message begins---

Sally, HELP!

Quatre's sick and I'm not sure what to do for him. You see, for the last couple of days we've been outside in the cold and rain, spying on OZ troop movements. This morning we both woke up sick. I'm just sneezing and coughing, but Q is congested, coughing, achy and running a temperature of about 100 degrees. I'm going to get some cold meds from the pharmacy, but I wanted to check with you first.

1) Is it starve a cold, feed a fever? Or feed a cold, starve a fever? And is chicken soup really a miraculous cure-all?

2) What cough syrup should I get, suppressant or expectorant? And what brand is best? G gave me this grape flavoured stuff when I was younger... it wasn't too bad. Do you know what that might have been? Q might like it.

3) Which is better for aches and fever- aspirin, acetometaphen, ibuprofen, panadol, marijuana, demerol... ok, maybe not the marijuana and demerol...

Of course, if you're in the area and want to make a house call, I don't think we'd object. In fact, I know you're about one hour away from us. So, if I apologise for everything un-nice I've ever said or thought about you, would you please come check on Quatre? We're at safehouse 6 in Randolph-- a little white cottage with grey shutters and front door.


Duo-- the Sneeze Man-- Maxwell

P.S. We'll even feed you... we have lots of soup.

---message ends---


* * * * *

Sally raised an eyebrow at the screen as she read. "He wouldn't," she muttered to herself as she came to the 'marijuana' comment. "No, on second thought, this is Duo we're talking about. If he thought it would have any sort of positive effect, he would." She sighed. "It looks like I'm making a house call... which is exactly what Duo was asking for when he wrote this."


SENT: 09:25 November 10, 195AC

---message begins---


The apology for 'everything un-nice' isn't going to hold much force if you keep giving me email addresses like that, you know. Watch it, young man, or I'll take Quatre home with me to look after him and leave you to suffer by yourself! Yes, all right, I'll make a house call. It sounds like you need me.

Just to keep you from doing anything dangerous before I get there, here's some answers to your questions.

1) Feed both. Starving just reduces the resources the body has to fight infection with, and isn't a good idea. And according to generations of Jewish grandmothers, yes, chicken soup will cure anything, but modern medical science isn't so sure. It is nutritious and easily digestible, though, so it's a good idea.

2) The sort of cough syrup you need depends on what sort of cough you have, dry (suppressant) or phlegmy (expectorant). It sounds like Quatre needs a bit more than a regular cough syrup, though, and I'll bring some to dose you with as well, so don't bother getting any.

3) Aspirin, usually, unless the person taking it has a sensitivity to it. I'm pretty sure Quatre doesn't, so give him a couple, make sure he gets plenty of fluids, and WAIT FOR ME TO GET THERE! I do *not* want the sick medicating the sick, especially since you're both medically untrained except for first-aid and simple emergency trauma management!


P.S. It's a good thing for you I like chicken soup, or I might have left you both to live or die on your own. I remember what you're like when you're sick!

P.P.S. No, I'm not mad or anything. And I'll get your grape flavoured syrup.

---message ends---



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