May 06, 196 AC



(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Fluff!


Treize eyed his computer suspiciously. His e-mail icon didn't normally bounce up and down at the bottom of the screen, and he was sure he hadn't programmed the computer to wolf-whistle at him when the 'New E-mail' message came up. Considering that he'd just come from the command center, where increasingly hysterical technicians were trying to get the main computer to stop displaying little chibi pictures, he thought he had a good idea of who was responsible.

*Little chibi pictures of me... in drag,* he thought, mouth quirking up involuntarily. *Only Maxwell would even consider it. What else has he got in store for me? It's not like him to e-mail me just to gloat.*

Sighing, he leaned forward and clicked 'open message'.


SENT: 14:38 May 06, 196AC

---message begins---

Treize-man! How's it hanging? I'd apologise for the whole desecration of your pictures thing, but since I don't lie, I've got to admit I had too much fun making them. I can send you the program if you want. Anyway, getting to the point, when is Une-chan's birthday? ('Chan'... wonderful word. I still have to thank Heero for teaching me that one.) I can't exactly throw her a suitable birthday bash if I don't know when it is, now can I?

You can reach me at the above address. Don't bother trying to find me through it, though -- it'll never work.

So, tell me Une's birthday, 'k? It's not like I'm asking for your sexual preferences or the latest blueprints to your new mobile suits -- though you can give them to me if you want! Save me having to trash more of your assets to get them!

Thanks man!

Duo Maxwell.

P.S. You've got to tell me -- Zechs is really a peroxide blond, isn't he?

---message ends---


Treize sat looking at the screen for a moment, one eyebrow raised, and then snorted. *I think he's actually serious... well, as serious as he ever gets. He has been leaving presents for Une when he breaks into bases; perhaps this is just one more step in his campaign to cheer her up?*

*It might even work. She certainly isn't going to do anything special for her birthday if she isn't forced to...*


SENT: 15:57 May 06, 196AC
SUBJECT: Requested information.

---message begins---

Mr. Maxwell,

Lady Une's birthday is on July 23rd. I trust I can rely on you to see that it is properly celebrated this year. Upon reflection, however, I believe I would rather not send you copies of blueprints or other classified information; I would feel obligated to charge myself with treason. As for my sexual preferences, all I am willing to say is, 'Not you'.

Treize Kushrenada.

P.S. To the best of my knowledge, improbable as it may seem, Zechs does not bleach.

---message ends---


Treize clicked 'send' with a decisive gesture, and sat back. *Hopefully that will keep Maxwell occupied -- and satisfied -- for at least a little while,* he mused. *I won't warn Une; she'd try to trap him, and I think this is one mission he should be allowed to get away with.*

*I do hope he isn't going to make a habit of e-mailing me, though! It could be rather hard to explain if anyone else found out...*

















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