March 10, 196 AC


(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Humour


Duo re-read his mission report for G, then sent it off, turning his mind to more important things like food, a bath, and sleep. Taking care of the first two items, he toweled off, pulled on some sweat pants and headed to the safehouse's tiny kitchen on a new mission... hot chocolate. His previous plan had changed from food, shower and sleep to food, shower, hot chocolate and a book, and then sleep. Padding to the sofa, he curled up in the corner and picked up the slightly tattered book. It was a new find of G's, something he thought his pilot would enjoy.

"'On a Pale Horse'," Duo murmured, "by Piers Anthony... where does G find this stuff? Well, he was right about Discworld..."

Forty-five minutes later he was startled by the beeping of his laptop. With a sigh, he pulled up the new message from G and started cursing. "Why me, God? Was I really that bad a kid? Do I already owe a karmic debt or something?" Continuing to read through the mission plan, Duo decided it wasn't all bad, especially if he could get Quatre to help.


SENT: 22:08 March 10, 196AC

---message begins---


My mission here is done. I made all of the Ozzie buildings go boom. I am so good.

Anyway, G sent me the parameters for my next mission and I'm going to need some backup. It's a short one, and I think your ties to the world of the rich and famous could make it work. So... wanna go on a date with me? Actually, there's this big gala event where the Earthsphere's elite will be mingling; dinner, dancing, speeches, Duo in drag... That's right. I've attached all the specifics, and if you could manage to get tickets for one Quatre Raberba Winner and Susan Sto Helit (yes, Q, the name will work. How many Ozzies do you suppose read Discworld and know she's Death's grandaughter?), we'll be able to get in, mingle, have some fun, get the info and leave. No one will be the wiser. You probably already have an invitation somewhere, since you're the heir to WEI and all that.

The event is on March the 16th, and I'll need to get my identification and clothes and stuff sorted out, so if you can have it all set up when I get to you, that would be great. I'll be back at the safehouse tomorrow evening, so we could do shopping and maybe get some tips from Sally or something.

You know, I really hate this 'dress in drag' crap, but I can see G's reasoning in this case. I still don't have to like it.

Promise me you won't tell the other guys about this. They'd never let me live it down. And 'Fei... let's not even consider what he'd think or say. This is just so embarrassing, you know. At least you still get to be a guy.

I'm going to get packed up so I can get out of here. You know, I need another vaction. G's been running me ragged, and after this 'ball' thing, I have another mission infiltrating a base. Luckily that one is supposed to be short and simple.

Ok, be there soon-ish.


---message ends---


* * * * *

SENT: 22:32 March 10, 196AC

---message begins---


If you're the one who's going to be in drag, I think you have the email addresses the wrong way around!

Yes, H warned me about this mission, and said you might be contacting me. You're right; I do already have an invitation, for myself and one guest, so getting in shouldn't be a problem-- unless we run into someone we've already met in our 'professional capacity'.

I promise. I won't say a word to the others. See you soon.


P.S. All it takes is one who reads Discworld... but you're probably right.

---message ends---


"I think Wufei is right when he tells me I'm 'too nice'," Quatre sighed, having second thoughts after sending the email off. "Now that I've promised, I can't tell... but knowing that I would be embarrassed didn't stop Duo from describing my week in a girls' school to Trowa and Heero, in excruciating detail. And there was the time he..."

A wicked little smile lit Quatre's face as a sudden thought occurred to him.

*I only promised I wouldn't tell. I never said I wouldn't show. And if I can hack into the security cameras covering the event...*

*Ha. 'Revenge is sweet!' as Duo would say.*

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