March 08, 196 AC


(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Fluff?


Duo stretched out on Deathscythe's leg, waiting for the meteor shower to begin. He had run a search when he had first come to Earth, to find all the interesting natural phenomena the planet had to offer. Meteor showers had been one thing on the list, and he had logged the times and places predicted for seeing them for the next couple of years. Tonight was listed as one of the best, and luckily this mission had brought him to the ideal viewing spot.

Slowly, one by one, the bright 'stars' shot across the clear, dark sky, gradually increasing in number. Sighing, he wished Heero was here. This would be something else his friend would be interested in... of course he'd have to give Duo all the technical jargon before he'd actually loosen up and enjoy the light show, but that was just the way Heero was. Quatre would love it, too. He'd probably beg for popcorn while watching... he did the last time they watched a thunderstorm together. Trowa would... Trowa! That was it. Heero, Quatre and Wufei were in the wrong hemisphere to really see this, but Trowa was in Indonesia, another ideal viewing spot.

Duo grabbed his laptop from his camp, climbed back up onto Deathscythe's leg and fired off an email to the other pilot.


SENT: 21:48 March 08, 196AC
SUBJECT: Don't miss this!

---message begins---

Hey Tro!

Remember that sunset we watched a while ago? Man, the one tonight blew that one away! Maybe it's the whole 'Outback' thing, and the red dirt and rock of Uluru, but you wouldn't believe all the different colours-- reds, oranges, yellows... even purples! And not a cloud in the sky. I think I'll catch the sunrise, too. It should be spectacular! Yes, Tro, I *do* watch sunrises, almost every chance I get. Of course, I go back to bed afterwards, whenever possible, so I doubt anyone has noticed. Don't say anything about it, you'll ruin my reputation as a 'lazy, slug-a-bed' as 'Fei calls me.

The moon is huge, too, and the stars look like you could reach out and grab them. It's great out here, except for it being as hot as hell during the day, hence my email alias.

Anyway, before I bore you, since you're in southern Indonesia and only about three hours behind me time-wise, I thought I'd let you know: I'm laying out here on 'Scythe, watching the most fabulous meteor shower. If the weather reports for your location are correct, you should have clear skies and should be able to watch it too. According to radar and satellite reports, it should really get going in about four hours. It's touted as the 'most active and meteor-saturated shower in fifty years'.

I just thought you might be interested.

Hope you get this in time!


---message ends---


* * * * *


SENT: 21:02 March 08, 196AC
SUBJECT: Don't worry I won't!

---message begins---


Thanks. I knew this was due, but I'd lost track of the date; I'm glad I won't end up missing it!

I've been watching some really good sunsets here, too, but the sunrises are better. It doesn't surprise me that you watch them too. Your secret is safe with me. As for Wufei, Quatre once said he spends too much time sucking on life's lemons.

Thanks again,


P.S. Nice to be able to just *watch* meteors, instead of worrying about one of them depressurising the colony, isn't it?

---message ends---


Packing up his laptop, Trowa glanced up at the tall trees surrounding his camp and snorted, noting how the foliage completely blocked his view of the sky. *Looks like I got too much of a good thing when I picked this spot because it had good cover. I wouldn't have known the meteor shower was on until it was all over... well, thanks to Duo, I can make it to my sunset-watching perch before it really gets started.*

Slinging his laptop over one shoulder, he jogged off towards one particular tree. Taller than most in the area, it had a convenient bare branch near the top, and an excellent view of the local scenery... incidentally including the OZ base he was here to monitor.



















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