June 24, 196 AC



(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Humour?


Duo was finally over what Quatre called 'his snit-fit'. Breakfast was finished, Wufei had not cut off Duo's braid, though the threat still stood, and Trowa and Quatre had grudgingly forgiven him for his interruption. Now he had to pack for their move to the new safehouse, something he generally disliked doing. Plus, he had to pack for Heero as well, since said Japanese maniac had decided that warning Duo that he was going on a mission in the middle of the night was not important.

"Not important," he muttered, stomping into their shared room. "Just sneak out, don't leave a note, let Duo wake up without a clue, it doesn't matter, let Duo worry his brains out... Heero, you idiot..."


FROM: Grumpy@7_Dwarves.com
TO: Dopey@Hi_Ho.net
SENT: 08:53 June 24, 196AC
SUBJECT: *sigh*

---message begins---

You're backsliding, Heero. What was one of the steps of being a best friend? Do you remember the one that states: 'Do not disappear on a mission without telling Duo you're leaving'? I thought that one was right up there with 'Do not shoot Duo', 'Do not steal Deathscythe's parts without permission', 'Do not traumatise Duo with suicidal tendencies or self-surgeries'. In other words, I'm just a little ticked at you right now. So are Tro and Q, since I disturbed their *quality time* this morning by barging in their room and asking where you were. And 'Fei threatened me with de-braiding because their yells of 'DAMMIT DUO!' woke him up. So... first I wake up and you're gone without even a note, like a thief (which is my title, not yours), then I embarrass Q, Tro and myself by barging in on their *ahem* morning ritual, THEN my braid is threatened, all before ten in the morning. All in all, this is starting to be a sucky day in general. It's all your fault, you know.

What would you say if _I_ pulled that stunt? Just up and disappeared without a word in the middle of the night? You'd threaten to tie me to a chair until I got it through my head that I was supposed to tell you when I was leaving. Am I right? Or you'd withold all fruit and snacks until I promised I'd never do it again. And don't give me the line 'You needed to sleep. I didn't want to wake you up'. That won't work. I told you to wake me up, or at least leave a damned note. This was the last chance, Heero. Do it again and no more oranges... I won't ever make you apple cobbler again.

Okay, I feel better now that I've ranted at you.

We're leaving tomorrow for a new safe house. I've attached the coordinates for you. Quatre says it's in the mountains and kind of hard to get to by ground vehicle, but that's a good thing-- harder for Oz to find us. It also has an old, huge abandoned mine, two klicks away, that's been hollowed out and refitted for all five Gundams. I can't figure how they did it without giving it away, but we'll see. There's a small city about half an hour away, too. The mad scientists actually picked this place so we could get the Gundams overhauled and upgraded in secret, but they got a bonus because Sally is working at a clinic there, and they want us to get some check ups and innoculations. I say they're just getting into pilot torture. You know how I feel about shots, hospitals, doctors, pain...

Anyway, gotta run. I told Q I'd pack your things as well as my own, and if we're leaving in a couple hours, I'd better get busy.

Be careful, you lunatic.


P.S. Don't forget... no oranges or cobbler if you pull this stunt again.

P.P.S. I'll email every day, just so you don't get lonely or miss me too much, 'k?

---message ends---


* * * * *

As soon as Heero turned on his laptop, it did everything short of jumping up and down and waving signs to let him know that an email from Duo had arrived. After he managed to shut all the alerts off (as quickly as possible; some of the buzzes and chimes were loud, and his new dorm room had thinner walls than he liked), the japanese pilot sat back and frowned at the waiting icon.

*He hasn't done anything like that before,* he thought wearily. *He's sent me animated screen savers, and silly music, and some very odd pictures of treize, but... that was just noise. Unpleasant noise.*

*Somehow, I think he's mad at me... but what did I do?!*

After reading the message, he was even more puzzled.

"'Without a note'?!" he muttered, re-reading the first paragraph. "I left a note! I remembered that damn 'do not disappear' rule, and... I... oh, fuck."


FROM: Dopey@Hi_Ho.net
TO: Grumpy@7_Dwarves.com
SENT: 17:32 June 24, 196AC
SUBJECT: Re: *sigh*

---message begins---



I'm sorry. I really am. I deserve to be called 'Dopey'! I sneaked out because I thought you needed the sleep, it's true, but I *was* going to leave you a note. A long note, with a full explanation and details, not just 'gone on a mission, see you'! I reminded myself at least three times while I was tiptoeing around packing up, and I even got out a notepad-- I think I left it on the desk-- and then you rolled over and said something in your sleep, I thought you were waking up, I froze, and by the time you had settled down again I guess the note had gone right out of my head.

I am *really* sorry.

I've attached a file with the mission details so you know what's going on (yes, I realise that is not my normal paranoid action, but *if* OZ intercepted this, by the time they cracked the code, I'll have graduated from university. It's *your* code, after all). It's another boarding school, so you're not missing anything except homework (not a loss) and my company (also not a loss at the moment, judging by my brainless incompetence this morning).

I'll be careful. And the same goes for you.


P.S. Do you want me to bring back tiramisu as an apology, or would you like something different this time? What was it... mudcake?

---message ends---


"I am in such deep shit," Heero sighed, leaning back in his chair and letting his head and arms dangle. "Bakayarou..."





















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