June 22, 196 AC




(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Fluff? Humour?


Heero stepped into the bedroom he'd be sharing with Duo when the braided pilot returned, and smiled slightly as he saw the scene on the screen of his laptop. Chibi Deathscythe and Wing, wearing party hats, were throwing confetti at each other as a cake with candles bounced around them. He sat down at the desk, saved the screen saver program and brought up Duo's email.


FROM: Sleepy_Shinigami@ZZZZ.com
TO: Birthday_Boy@Party.net
SENT: 03:22 June 22, 196AC
SUBJECT: Happy Birthday to You!

---message begins---

Happy Birthday, Hee-chan!

Sorry I couldn't be there for the party, but Super-Q promised that it would go on without me... and we can always have another one when I get back, right? Did Trowa make your cake? I told him double chocolate with chocolate frosting, since you don't really have a preference and that's my favourite. Did you like your presents? What did T and Q get you? Quatre wouldn't tell me because he was worried I'd let it slip to you. Duh, as if! I know how to keep the important secrets, thank you very much. Trowa still hadn't gotten you one by the time I left... I guess he *likes* last minute shopping. I don't know about 'Fei. Did he even leave his room for cake? We have to work on him.

I should be back late tomorrow night, around 23:00, your time. This time-zone thing drives me nuts. Be a buddy and save some dinner for me? These ration packs suck, and they're all I've had for two days. I'd kill for a hot shower right now... and a cup of real coffee.

I'm going to sign off now. I'm exhausted and I still need to fire off a report to G. Think he'd appreciate 'I came, I saw, I kicked ass'?

Hugs, smoochies and dancing penguins!


P.S. You did save me a piece of cake, right?

---message ends---


* * * * *

FROM: Birthday_Boy@Party.net
TO: Sleepy_Shinigami@ZZZZ.com
SENT: 23:05 June 21, 196AC
SUBJECT: Re: Happy Birthday to You!

---message begins---

Morning, Duo.

Go to sleep! G can wait for a full report. I'm sure he'd be willing to take 'I kicked ass' as a preliminary report-- he can translate it into 'Mission Accomplished' as well as I can, after all. Tell him you'll be able to write a much better report once you've had a few hours of down time to recuperate. (You've told *me* that often enough! Take your own advice!)

We ate the cake-- I think I'm going into sugar overload from all that chocolate-- but the party and presents are waiting for you to get back. Like you said, if I don't know when my birthday is, I can celebrate it whenever I choose, so I'm choosing to have it a day or two late so you don't miss it.

Wufei left for an urgent mission about two hours after you did. He had only gotten back from his previous mission six hours earlier, and he spent most of the short time here asleep, so I'm not sure if he even knows I'm having a party.

I'll save you dinner, but we didn't save you any cake. Trowa's going to bake another one.

Look after yourself.


P.S. I mean it! Go to sleep!

---message ends---


















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