January 14, 196 AC


(Sidefic series for the Death and the Dragon Arc)

By: Mel and Christy
Warnings: Humour


Duo sighed as he nibbled on a granola bar and looked over at 'Scythe, shrouded in its camouflage net. "Well, 'Scythe, old buddy, looks like a cold camp, and a granola bar for dinner. This really sucks, you know. I'd love to know how they found that safe house." He sighed again. "Maybe the Manguanacs can give us a hand, if Abdul isn't still ready to boil me in oil, that is."

Reaching into his duffel bag, he pulled out his laptop and booted it up.


TO: Abdul_the_Man@Desert.net
SENT: 09:31 January 14, 196AC

---message begins---

Hey Abdul!

Don't tell anyone, but you're my favourite Manguanac... honest! Especially don't tell Rashid. He might get upset and break me in half.

So, on that note, I have a teensy-weensy problem. Ya see, I can't find or get a hold of Howard at the moment, and... ummm... well, I'm kinda short of a few things... like ammo, parts, clothes, food... the necessities, kinda. 'Scythe and me sort of got ambushed at our last safehouse, you see. OZ was waiting for us, don't ask me how they knew we were there.

Don't worry! Quatre and the others are off in other parts of the world, and I emailed them about the safehouse NOT being safe anymore. Quatre says 'hi', by the way. He told me if I ever needed anything, to get in touch with you guys, so I'm asking. If you're still angry about the green hair dye last time I was there, I'm sorry. I REALLY was trying to get Quatre with it. And he did too start that prank war. He dyed my braid multi-colours first! Your angel-like, innocent 'Master Quatre' is worse than I am when it comes to planning our pranks. He could teach me things sometimes.

So, if I'm forgiven, can you give me your coordinates? I'm kinda worried OZ is going to find me out here in the open like this, without any ammo and stuff. Please Abdul? I'll owe you one... and I promise I'll never have hair dye in the same compound you're in.

I'm begging, here.


---message ends---


* * * * *


FROM: Abdul_the_Man@Desert.net
SENT: 09:52 January 14, 196AC
SUBJECT: Re: Help?

---message begins---

Master Duo,

What are you doing?! How did you alter my email address?! I should have known it was you as soon as I saw the return address on the message. Only you would tempt Allah's wrath by calling yourself something like that. It's bad enough when you pretend to be the Angel of Death and then call yourself a god!

Your good heart is the only thing that is going to keep you out of the *real* hell, you know. I hope you are appropriately grateful for the fact that Allah is all-knowing ... and eternally patient.

My hair is still greenish, you know. What did you use?!

We are currently camped about 15 miles NE of Point A5X. You should remember that one... it's the landmark you made a crude joke about last month when we were camped *south* of it, and you thought the silhouette was... suggestive. I thought Master Quatre would never stop blushing.

You are always welcome in our camp... so long as you keep your promise about the hair dye.

- Abdul

P.S. Master Duo, you *would* have mentioned it if you were injured, wouldn't you? You are all right, aren't you? We can come and get you if you'd rather not travel to us on your own.

---message ends---


Abdul sighed, clicked 'send', then grinned happily. He should go and warn Rashid and the others that Master Duo was coming... really, he should. But he did owe them for the various 'green hair' comments, after all.

"Allah forgive me, but it will be far more interesting to see Rashid's reaction when Master Duo just appears..."

Abdul sat back to wait for the braided pilot's reply, whistling a jaunty tune he'd learned from him, and imagining the coming 'Maxwell Mayhem'.



















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