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minor scene change (from person to person at the same
place, etc): ----------
major scene change (at another place, some time later,
etc): * * * * *
flashback or dream starting or ending: ~*~*~*~
thoughts (and the occasional sound effect): *Tadah!*
some more sound effects (little ones!): -tadah!-
electronics (phone, TV, intercom etc): <<Tadah!>>
narration to the camera: tadah


Howard's Base, Florida

< < Maxwell's House of Insanity, inmate Duo speak-- hey Howie! How's it goin'? > >

"Not bad, kid, no thanks to you!" Howard leaned back in his chair and adjusted his sunglasses, grinning up at Duo's image on the screen. "When are you going to leave that dead-end Preventers job and come work for me? I need a real salvage worker to show these lazy jerks I've got what they're doing wrong."

< < Who are you and what have you done with Howard? > > Duo snorted. < < When I was working with you, you were singing a different song. > >

"Yeah, well, I'm getting soft in my old age. You doing anything over the next couple of days?"

< < Enjoying the two weeks of holiday Une finally gave me. Why, what's up? > >

"Well, you know those parts you were asking me to keep an eye out for? The ones you were planning to strap to some poor innocent vehicle to make 'a real funny car'?"

< < Space Leo booster pack rockets? You found some? > > Duo leaned forward eagerly, grin widening.

"A couple, yeah. They're a bit banged up, but nothing you shouldn't be able to fix. Wanna come take a look? I'm going to be here until midday Monday or thereabouts, so I figured you could come down Sunday morning and spend twenty-four hours tearing into these with me. Sound ok to you?"

< < Sounds great! I'll see you tomorrow. > >

"Looking forward to it." Howard waved a cautionary finger at the screen. "Now, you do understand that, as a law-abiding citizen, I'm just handing over these military salvage items to an authorised representative of the Preventers, in accordance with section seventeen of the revised legal code pertaining to--" He couldn't keep a straight face, and Duo dissolved into laughter.

< < Yeah, right, you old pirate! I'll even give you a receipt, all nice and legal, and it's none of your business what happens to them after that... though I want your advice on the design. See ya! > >

The screen blinked and Howard sat back, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. His second-in-command rolled his chair back and leaned towards him.

"So... what's up?"

"Now, why would you be thinking anything is 'up', Morgan?"

"Because I happen to know that you weren't planning to get the Kid down here look at those parts until you'd found two or three more for him to choose from."

"Yeah, well... I got a call from the other boys, a couple of hours ago," Howard admitted, grinning sheepishly. "They asked me to get Duo well out of the way for a couple of days so they can get something set up. Don't ask me what they've got planned, 'cause I've got no idea, but judging by the way Winner was giggling it's going to be something good."

~ * ~

SUNDAY- San Francisco

"Is he gone?"

"Yes." Quatre put the phone down and turned around, smirking. "The airport confirmed his plane has taken off."

"So he probably won't pop out of hiding and catch us," Trowa finished, chuckling. "You can never be to sure with Duo."

"Well, I'm going shopping," Heero announced. "Anybody have a preference for one camera over another?"

"The smallest you can get, please," Quatre requested.

"Non-reflective lens," Wufei grinned.

Trowa just shrugged.

"And I want the low-light option camera," Heero nodded. "Duo's back Monday night; that means you get the first shot at him on Tuesday, Quatre."

"This is going to be fun," the blond said gleefully.

~ * ~

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