The "Fight or Foreplay" Arc  

 A completely and totally INSANE Bleach silly fic, by Mel and Christy. (Kenpachi + Ichigo + Grimmjow, with Yachiru for innocent innuendo and Ishida to get Ichigo realising what’s up.)

Warnings: language, strange metaphors, and innuendo

1. "Adjective or Verb"   

2. "Betting Pool"

3. Curiouser and Curiouser

4 Squad Party

 5.  Getting Serious


Bankai Wing


When Shinigami Meet (Prologue)

This is kind of a prologue to the main story, and MAN did we have fun writing it! XD Set in a slightly AU version of Gundam Wing where the war lasts longer and Endless Waltz never happens; it's five hundred years in the future of Bleach and draws from that canon up until the Lost Substitute Shinigami arc, though we've changed a few things - the Visored never rejoined the Thirteen Squads in this fic, though they are on reasonably good terms with their old allies.
I think it's fair to assume that practically everyone who reads our fic already understands all the Gundam Wing references. :P Therefore, here is a handy-dandy guide to the Bleach characters and references we've included:


2. Lions and Tigers and Hollows, Oh My!

3. Sally and Hollows and Nemu, Oh My

4.  Renji and Duo and Guns, Oh My 

5. Heero and Nemu and Ghosts

6. Duo and Wufei and Heero and Nemu and Still Ghosts

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