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We're using Japanese name order for the Bleach characters, but translating titles instead of having "Soutaichou" and "Taichou" and so on pop up fifty-bazillion times (unlike in 'Fight or Foreplay', where it doesn't come up nearly as often). Bleach fans will note that the captains' lineup is different, due to five hundred years passing and the Visored not returning to their old squads.

Ukitake Juushirou - Captain of the 1st squad, overall Captain-General of the Thirteen Squads.
Kuchiki Rukia - Vice-Captain of the 1st squad, adopted younger sister of Byakuya, good friend of Renji and Ichigo.
Soi Fon - Captain of the 2nd squad and leader of the Onmitsukidou.
Abarai Renji - Captain of the 5th squad.
Rikichi - Vice-Captain of the 5th squad.
Zabimaru - Renji's zanpakutou; in his 'inner world', it takes the form of a huge white baboon (Saru) with a snake for a tail (Hebi).
Kuchiki Byakuya - Captain of the 6th squad.
Komamura Sajin - Captain of the 7th squad, he is an anthropomorphic wolf.
Hitsugaya Toushirou - Captain of the 10th squad, he looks like a teenager despite being several hundred years old.
Zaraki Kenpachi - Captain of the 11th squad.
Kurotsuchi Mayuri - Captain of the 12th squad. SERIOUSLY CREEPY.
Kurosaki Ichigo - Captain of the 13th squad.
Grimmjow - a very powerful Arrancar, sort-of friends with Ichigo.
Shirosaki - Ichigo's 'inner Hollow'; his name is a pun on Ichigo's surname 'Kurosaki' and the fact that he has pure white skin and hair. ('Kuro' = 'black', 'shiro' = 'white')

Shinigami - Not Duo. :P Spirits who guide ghosts into Soul Society and fight Hollows.
Zanpakutou - 'Soul-Cutter Sword'; a Shinigami's sword, part of his/her soul. Zanpakutou have names and separate personalities.
Seireitai - The 'Court of Pure Souls'; where Shinigami live in Soul Society.
Senkaimon - A dimensional gate between the living world and Soul Society, used by Shinigami.
Reiatsu - Spiritual power/pressure.
Kidou - 'Demon Arts'; spells, either for attack, defence, or forms of binding.
Onmitsukidou - the Secret Tactics Force.
Onmitsu - Spies/Ninja.
Visored - Shinigami who have gained Hollow powers.
Plus - An ordinary Human ghost that hasn't yet crossed into the afterlife. They generally appear as they did at death, with a broken chain dangling from a plate attached to their chest over the heart.
Hollow - Plusses that are attacked by other Hollows or didn't pass on into the afterlife soon enough turn into Hollows. They are monsters with white skull-like masks and eat human spirits; the more powerful ones eat other Hollows, or try to prey on Shinigami.
Menos - A composite Hollow. When a Hollow gets too strong for human souls to sustain it and starts eating other Hollows, it will be attracted to other cannibal Hollows and they will try to eat each other, blending into a Gillian. If one of the Hollows within a Gillian is strong enough to dominate the others, it can evolve into an Adjuchas.
Arrancar - A powerful Hollow (usually an Adjuchas) that has removed part of its mask, becoming more like a Shinigami and gaining power by doing so.




















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