Warped Mirrors Chapter 13


                                                                                                                                                                                    "Things That Go Hump In The Night"


1x5x2 LEMON, courtesy of SteelSong (yes, she wrote it because we are not up to writing a steamy threesome yet. We're still amateurs. She's a goddess!)

Duo ducked into the room he shared with Christy, kicking off his sandshoes and stripping off his t-shirt as he made a beeline for the wardrobe. The faster I get changed, the faster I can get warm! he grumbled to himself, pulling a thick turtleneck and sweater off of a shelf and rummaging around for a pair of socks. Maybe I can borrow a pair of slippers from Jay? Our feet are about the same size, I think--

The door behind him opened without a knock.

"Duo? We need to talk to you about... uh..."

"Hm?" He turned around to see Wufei and Heero. "Oh, hey guys. Um, what's up?" Duo asked, puzzled. "Do we need to get Tro and Q?"

"No, this is... ah... personal," Wufei got out, dropping his gaze to Duo's chest and then jerking up to look him in the eyes again. The careful, no pressure, nonthreatening explanation he and Heero had worked out had gone straight out of his head as soon as he saw Duo standing there, bare chest developing goosebumps in the chilly air... and since Heero wasn't picking up the thread of the conversation, he had to assume the same thing had happened to him.

"...Personal how?" Duo said slowly, starting to worry. They're staring at me! What's going on? Suddenly very aware that he was cold-- and standing bare-chested in front of two people he was hopelessly attracted to-- he tossed the sweater on the bed and shook the turtleneck out, about to put it on.

"Duo.... we..."

Duo paused with the turtleneck still in hand, looking back and forth between Heero and Wufei. They were staring, staring with a certain... intent. If he hadn't known better he would have thought they looked predatory, perhaps even possessive. He felt his exposed skin begin to flush. Despite his certainty that the looks did not mean what they appeared to, his body still managed to react. He lifted the turtleneck abruptly, attempting to mask his discomfort. He pushed his head into the thick fabric and managed to speak with his usual flippancy.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer."

Heero and Wufei looked at each other and sighed. He still didn't get it. It was obvious they were going to be required to do something more drastic. By the time Duo's head popped up from within the folds of the turtleneck they were closer. Much closer. Duo stared wide-eyed as they continued to advance on him, his feet automatically carrying him back till his shoulders met the wall. His gaze flickered back and forth between the two, consternation beginning to etch furrows in his brow.

"Ummm... guys? Is there something wrong? Have I pissed you off again?"

Duo's eyes widened impossibly as their faces took on a decidedly sensual cast and each planted a hand on the wall at either side of his head. He tried to speak again, managing only a small squeak before swallowing heavily and snapping his jaw shut. He was trapped, held in place by two pairs of burning eyes. Heero leaned in closer, his lips grazing Duo's ear as they moved to speak.

"We've been trying to show you something Duo, trying for over a week. And you just don't seem to get it."

Duo felt his knees begin to tremble. That voice. He'd never heard such a voice issue from Heero's mouth before. It was dark and sensual, with a caramel smoothness that shivered over his skin in molten ripples. His sharp gasp was echoed by Wufei, who recovered quicker and leaned forward to torment Duo's other ear in auditory assault.

"Do you understand yet, Duo? Or do we need to be more obvious?"

Duo opened his mouth to speak, his voice shifting to a moan before the first syllable could make itself known as Wufei bit down gently on his earlobe. Heero decided he liked that sound and set about finding ways to hear it again. His tongue slipped out to trace the whorls of the ear before him, inscribing lines of heat and moisture.

Duo was frozen in place, shock locking him immobile, trapped in sensation and the folds of his turtleneck. His mind ran skittering like a cat on linoleum, moving fast but going nowhere. His breath caught then began to quicken, his body soon following. Realization grew as heat bloomed within and spread outward, touching at his limbs with sparks. Two mouths moved to slide lips along either side of his jaw to meet at his chin whereupon they connected before him to mesh in a heated kiss.

Duo stared as their lips met and parted only to meet again. They drifted apart slowly on a hiss of expended breath, their eyes tracking his face before turning to each other.

"Do you think he understands, Heero?"

"I think he's beginning to. Perhaps we should make it even more clear what we are offering."

Duo sagged against the wall as they stepped away from him, watching as they halted several paces away and began reaching for each other's clothes. One by one the garments fell to the floor, tossed aside and peeled away to reveal bodies belonging to fantasy. They turned to face him, their arms slipping easily over each other's naked shoulders in an open embrace.

Duo closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head. The layering of one shock upon another had him questioning his sanity. They couldn't really be offering what he thought they were offering. Could they?

If we do this, and it turns out to be a mistake, it'll just about kill me. But if we don't do this, and they change their minds, I may kill me!

He slowly opened his eyes in an attempt to confirm what his fevered mind was trying to tell him. What he saw took his breath away.

They shimmered in shades of gold, tone on tone. Neither providing a contrast for the other but rather a complement. A blending of skin shades presented in hues reminiscent of semi-precious metals, from the bronze and copper of nipples to undertones of saffron-brass highlighted by inky black hair and a paler pink-gold touched with wisps of bittersweet chocolate strands. They were incredible, an artist's vision of sculpted muscle and fluid lines. Duo licked his dry lips and allowed his eyes to wander over them again. The corners of his mouth twitched before curving into a wide appreciative grin. They were a Rice Queen's wet dream. Suddenly he was no longer cold.

What the hell. No matter how this turns out, at least I'll have had this moment.

"So let me get this straight.."

His hands rose and struggled with the turtleneck, fighting his way out of the warm garment he'd been so desperate to get into previously. He managed to get the folds over his head and tossed aside before continuing.

"...you... both of you... me... naked... I think I've got the picture."

His hands then fell to the fastenings on his pants, swiftly dealing with them and pushing the last of his clothing down over his hips to his feet. He straightened and reached for the band on his braid, sliding it off as he stepped toward them. His fingers combed through the long mass to arrange it over his shoulders and down his back. He stopped a few paces from them, unable to resist posing and positioning his body for maximum effect.

He could feel their eyes on him, an almost palpable caress. He trailed a single fingertip down the centre of his chest before lifting his eyes to theirs. The heat he saw there sent a bolt straight through him, a sensation that drove his nipples into hard points and set his erection to throbbing in time to his rapidly increasing pulse. There was a trace of uncertainty behind that heat, a hint of nervousness that he found strangely endearing. It was nice to see that two who were so capable in everything they did still had things they were unsure of. He was sure they wanted him and he was sure he wanted them. That was more than enough for him. He moved forward across the remaining space between them, his arms coming up to slide over their shoulders and pull them close in a tight embrace. He smiled as he heard their sighs and felt some of the tension seep from their bodies. It was nice to just hold them both for a moment of mutual reassurance before things progressed.

It was the minute shifting of their bodies that undid them. The touch of hard flesh against equally hard flesh had them all gasping and shifting further in a chain reaction. Heero's hand curved around the back of Duo's neck to hold him for a kiss, their first. Duo very nearly collapsed at the feel of it, the barely restrained physical power of Heero's kiss. There was nothing tentative in it and very little restraint. Duo's lips parted to receive Heero's tongue as it pushed forward and took charge, all forcefulness and directness. Duo was left breathless as Heero ended the kiss and used his grip to turn Duo's face toward Wufei.

Wufei's kiss was slightly tentative, more a request than a demand. Their lips parted together smoothly and Wufei's tongue slipped out to touch and retreat in a sweet dance that had Duo chasing after him. Wufei offered and Duo accepted only to make offers of his own. Their mouths clung together, fusing harder as Heero chose to alternate between them with sucking bites to their necks. They gasped into each other's mouths as Heero marked them both with lips and teeth. Before they realized it Heero had guided them toward Duo's bed, ceasing in his marking of them and waiting for their kiss to taper off before speaking hoarsely.

"You both look incredible like that."

It was Duo's turn to watch as Wufei lunged forward to press his mouth to Heero's, overcome in the moment and the desire. They were hyper-sensitive to each other, feeding off the heat that rose between them. Duo's knees finally gave out and he sat abruptly on the bed to watch as Heero pressed against Wufei, strong hands travelling the length of his back. By the time the kiss broke they were all three panting heavily, their muscles drawn tight with stimulation and their faces pulled taut with need. Each had had fantasies about this moment, each following a path within to find release alone. The reality of it was much more than any hope or dream could have conjured, the anticipation higher and the need greater. They stared at each other, frozen for a moment with the realization of what was about to happen between them.

The moment of stillness ended when Duo snaked an arm up and around Wufei's waist, pulling him down to the bed. Heero watched as Duo covered Wufei's body with his own, rolling with him in a protracted kiss. Heero's hand crept automatically to his erection, squeezing it to relieve a fraction of the pressure. He realized that things were about to get very serious very fast and he knew they needed something. His eyes tracked around the room swiftly, lighting on the nightstand next to Christy's bed. He quickly took the few steps required and snatched up the first blue bottle labelled massage oil before heading back to the bed with his find.

He stood watching for a moment before lifting a knee to the bed and slipping around behind them. He manoeuvred them with touch and kiss, lick and bite, guiding them subtly into the position he wanted them in. He could hear their skin whispering as they slid together, the wet sound of their mouths as they melted into sweat-damp skin over and over. There were hoarse sounds of pleasure as lips met hardened flesh and tongues tasted sweet clear droplets. He was almost content just to watch them. Almost. His hand slid along the length of Duo's back as it curved in a bow above Wufei's body and coasted over the rounded flesh of exquisite buttocks. His breaking point came when he felt Duo shiver under his hand in a tiny ripple of sensitive skin.

His thumb found the stopper and flipped it off impatiently. He poured a good measure of it over his palm and began to coat himself. The sensation was almost unbearable and it was all he could do not to lose himself in the hard pressure of his own hand. But there was something better than his hand beckoning him with smooth curves and promises of paradise. He slipped between Duo's parted calves, his knees pushing Duo's to slide outward on the bed. Duo adjusted to accomodate, moaning in appreciation around Wufei's cock and sending a vibration through Wufei's flesh that set him to moaning as well.

Wufei was losing himself in the sensation of Duo's mouth on him and the taste of Duo's cock. His eyes were closed as he savoured the moment only to open at the touch of fingers on his forehead. He looked up to see Heero, face a mask of erotic concentration as he approached. Wufei shifted slightly, his mouth slipping from Duo to lick across soft globes. Wufei's hands slid around Duo's hips to clasp firm buttocks, kneading them before his fingers dug in to part them for Heero. He watched intently as Heero pressed the slick head of his cock against Duo. Watched as it began to slowly embed itself, felt the tensing of the muscles under his hands and heard the vibrato from Duo's throat as it shivered along his own length, his voice a hoarse whisper of awe.


It was hypnotic. He watched enthralled, all else forgotten for a moment in the vision rocking above him. He released a shuddering breath and slid his hand around to reach between them, his fingers closing around the base of Heero's cock as it moved. Heero gasped and all hell broke loose. They became a mass of writhing, moaning flesh. Fingers began searching, touching and probing. Heero bucked forward as Wufei's hand slipped between his thighs and a single digit slid inside him and Wufei's hips shot upward as Duo opened him with a finger that twisted and searched. They were connected, joined in a circle of hands to hips and mouths that pulled and teased. It was perfect. But perfection is only experienced for the briefest of intervals and all too soon the end approached. It was impossible to tell who was first to lose the battle for control, the feelings were far too overwhelming. There was nothing beyond the heat, the shivering heat that expanded outward and set muscles to contracting. Nothing but the throb and the pressure that finally became too much. Nothing but sweet release and muffled shouts of appreciation.

Duo wanted nothing more than to just collapse where he was, all the tension had leeched from his body but for a few tremors. He could feel Wufei's chest expanding beneath him as Wufei tried to catch his breath and Heero's body slowly falling on his back. He knew he couldn't hold up their combined weight and keep from crushing Wufei in the process, his thighs were already trembling.

"Heero... "


"We need to uh... move to the side or something. We don't want to squash 'Fei."

"Mmhmmm... ok."

Heero grasped at Duo and pulled them both over to their sides, their gasps sharp as each felt movement inside them. They all eased carefully out of each other and Duo moaned softly as Heero's softening length slid from him. With much fumbling and soft laughter they struggled with blankets and weakened limbs to arrange themselves in a side by side formation with Duo firmly ensconced in the middle to draw warmth from the other two. Their eyes were heavy as they clasped each other in a sweet tangle of arms and legs, knowing there was much to be discussed and shared. But not now. Now they slipped into sleep one by one, aided by idle caresses and soft murmurs.

Words could wait.

* * * * *

Asuka kicked at a random door as he passed it, cracking his knuckles as he walked on. He was starting to think seriously of finding some breakable object to destroy, just to get rid of some of the tension he was feeling.

"Not a tease... not a tease... ha!" he snarled, kicking another door. "That's a laugh... Not a tease... I swear, if he doesn't turn up, I'll go and paint what I think of him on Starthrasher's ass. In indelible paint. Puke green or girly pink, 'Can't Fucking Deliver'. Then I'll wait for him to show up. Yeah, that'd be good bait. He'd show up, all furious, eyes blazing, and then... I'd..."

Cutting himself off, he shook his head and glared around, looking for eavesdroppers. If people found out he'd been daydreaming out loud, he'd never live it down. Most of the base personnel wouldn't dare say anything to his face, but the other pilots... they wouldn't be bothered by his reputation, and they were the only people in the whole world whose opinions he cared about. Just a little bit.

"Fuck it," he growled under his breath, spinning around and stalking back the way he'd come from. I'm going back to the barracks. If Dan's having so much fun hiding, he can bloody well play with himself until he decides to come out where I can get my hands on him. Then I'll make sure he regrets it!


Stamping through the pilots' common room, Asuka snarled something unintelligible in response to Jay's chirpy greeting and didn't stop, stalking through the door leading to the bedrooms. Behind him, he could almost hear the three female pilots exchanging surprised looks.

"I say chaps, he actually answered me," the Vaterean pilot said in an awed voice. "Either he's in an awfully good mood, or the world's coming to an end."

"I'll paint the sign saying 'REPENT'," Christy snickered. "Mel, you go find the sackcloth and ashes..." The door swung closed, cutting her off.

I'll make your worlds come to an end if you don't watch it, Asuka thought viciously, kicking the door to his room hard enough to make it swing around and crash into the wall, probably punching a hole with the doorknob, but why should he care? Maybe I should get a gun and go out for some target practice, let them worry for a second that I'm going to practice on them-- SHIT! He had just enough time to realise that there was someone else in the room and grab for a knife before he was pinned to the wall, hands held out to his sides so that he couldn't counterattack. Determined to make whoever it was realise just how stupid they were for taking him on, he drew up a knee to strike--

--and found himself being thoroughly and enthusiastically kissed.


The knife hit the floor as Asuka slowly relaxed, letting Dan invade his mouth and grind against him. Would have served him right if I'd cut him, he thought hazily, kissing back. I'll bite him later.

Finally, Dan ended the kiss and pulled back far enough to talk, breathing heavily. "It's a good thing I wasn't hiding behind the door," he chuckled, nuzzling along Asuka's neck, stopping for the occasional lick or nip.

"You little prick," Asuka growled, determined not to forget that he was angry.

"But mon cher, you had it in your hand just this morning!" Dan objected, voice trembling with laughter. "You know very well there's nothing little about it!"

"That's exactly what I'm talking about," the younger pilot twisted, yanking his hands free. "We got that far and then you left," he continued, reaching for Dan's pants and yanking at the fastening. "You let me look for you all over the base, all day, while you were sitting in here laughing at me." He pushed the pants down over Dan's hips and let them fall, shoving the boxers underneath after them.

"Mmm... now there's a point," Dan purred, unbuttoning Asuka's jeans as the Glacin teen moved on to remove his shirt. "It was all day. What took you so damn long?"

"Shut the fuck up," Asuka advised, peeling the shirt down Dan's arms and dropping it to join the rest of the Gaulish pilot's clothes on the floor. "I'm going to teach you to never leave me hanging like that!"

Dan moaned into Asuka's mouth as the Glacin took control, fisting his hands in Dan's hair and kissing him roughly, putting all of his pent-up frustration and anger into it. It seemed like Asuka was determined to totally dominate him... and that was exactly what he wanted. He was completely naked now, vulnerable to whatever punishment Asuka chose to inflict, and that was only making him harder. "I admit it," Dan said softly, hands dipping into Asuka's jeans to close around his hot erection, stroking it slowly. "That was going too far. Maybe you should punish me..."

"I told you to shut up," Asuka insisted, starting to grin dangerously. "I've got a better use for that mouth of yours. Get down on your knees."

Ohhh, I do like the way this is developing! Dan thought as he slowly sank to the floor, never taking his eyes off of Asuka's. I wish I'd pushed him this far earlier... I could've had this months ago!

Well, maybe not, he amended, reminding himself that a lot of the heat in Asuka's gaze was still anger. If I'd pushed too far, too fast, I would have ended up with something important broken. Maybe even broken off! I think I'll just be happy that I've got him now, and not think of 'might have beens'. After all, he mused, unconsciously licking his lips as he let his gaze wander down Asuka's body to his groin, any more and I think I'd be in serious trouble...

"No you don't," Asuka said firmly as Dan's hand slid towards his own erection. "Punishment, remember?" He pushed his jeans down over his hips and stepped closer, making what he intended even more obvious. Dan opened his mouth to say something-- Even now, he can't just do as he's told and stay quiet?!-- and, exasperated, Asuka just thrust his hips forward, sliding his arousal past Dan's lips and silencing him at last.

"Hn." Asuka slid his hands into Dan's hair, breathing harder as he felt the wet warmth around him. "Now you have to stay quiet."

"Mmm-hmm." Dan hummed agreement, eyes glittering wickedly as Asuka gasped and clenched his fists.

"You just don't change, do you?" Asuka groaned, hips starting to flex as Dan took him further into his mouth. "Always a tease."

"Mm-hmmm." Dan lifted his hands to Asuka's hips, steadying them both, eyes sliding closed as he concentrated on making this the best blow job of Asuka's short life. He tried to go slowly, teasing with his tongue and stroking the younger pilot's thighs, but it wasn't long before he could feel Asuka's body tightening in the beginnings of orgasm. He swallowed the hot flood of liquid and looked up, letting Asuka's softening cock slide out of his mouth, and felt an almost painful throb in his own groin as he took in the picture before him.

Mon Dieu, he looks sexy like that...

Asuka was leaning back against the wall, head back, eyes closed and mouth open as he gasped for breath. In the aftermath of the orgasm, no trace remained of his habitual killer's glare or scowl, and he looked much younger than usual. Almost... innocent? Dan swallowed hard, mouth suddenly dry, and slowly trailed his fingers down Asuka's legs, reaching down to stroke himself. I swear, I could almost come just looking at him, he thought, starting to breathe raggedly as he sped up the pace of his movements.

"Stop that," Asuka growled, slitting his eyes open a fraction. "I'm not finished with you yet." He almost seemed to wind himself back up to his normal tension as he pushed away from the wall, no longer relaxed and languorous, and reached down to pull Dan to his feet.

Expecting to be kissed (or maybe groped-- that would be good, too), Dan was startled when a hard shove sent him backwards onto Asuka's bed. "Hands above your head," the Glacin commanded, scooping Dan's abandoned shirt up off the floor and twisting it into a makeshift rope; when Dan obeyed, he used it to tie Dan's hands to the headboard, then stood back, eyeing his handiwork critically. "You were having a lot of fun just now," he continued, starting to strip off the rest of his own clothes, "and you were thinking too much. I'm going to fix that."

"Oh?" I suppose it might not have been the best idea in the world to push for the upper hand when I want him to dominate me... but he's right, it's a lot of fun, Dan admitted to himself, wriggling into the center of the bed and stretching out invitingly. Besides, it got such wonderful results! "And how do you plan to do that?"

Asuka leaned over and kissed him, slowly and thoroughly, biting and sucking at his lower lip as one teasing hand wandered down Dan's body, stroking tantalisingly near his aching groin, but never quite getting there. "It's very simple, Dan," he purred, pulling back and looking straight into widening brown eyes. "I'm going to make you beg."

* * * * *

Yawning, Christy wandered along the corridor, heading for her room. She was the last person to go to bed; Heero and Wufei had never come back after following Duo out of the common room, and neither had the braided boy. Christy snickered a little at that recollection. I hope they found a room somewhere nice and private! It's only fair to give them at least one night without the rest of us sticking our noses in... Dan had never reappeared after being discovered getting 'heavily involved' with Asuka in the hangar, Asuka had stomped into his room to sulk some time ago, Quatre and Trowa hadn't been far behind him-- though not sulking-- and Mel and Jay had gone to bed after the late movie. Christy had taken the opportunity to make a few refinements to the latest upgrade she was planning for Hades's control systems without anyone trying to look over her shoulder.

"If this stupid cast wasn't coming off in less than a week, I'd take a hacksaw to it," she muttered, reaching for the doorknob. "Typing one-handed is a bitch, and when it comes to using the graphics programs--"

The door swung open and she took one step inside.

She stopped.

She stared.

She took a step back out, and silently closed the door, leaning against it with a look of mingled amusement and annoyance on her face. Well, they found a room all right, good for them... but did it have to be my room?!

I think Wufei's ass may actually be nicer than Heero's! Maybe we'll have to get him wearing spandex, too.

Anyway. Pushing away from the door, she directed a glare at it and started considering her options. Heero's obviously not in his bed; I could sleep there.... mmmm, nope. They're all in Duo's bed, which is up against that wall, and the walls aren't very thick. I don't want to be woken up at 3 am by them starting up again!

Asuka's probably still in the world's worst mood, so I'm sure as hell not going to ask to sleep on his floor--

"Damn you, 'Suka, stop that and just fuck me!" an intense voice filtered through the door in question as Christy walked back past it, and she stopped dead, eyes widening.

"I told you. You have to beg for it first."


"Beg, or this time it will be me who walks out and leaves you hanging!"

"Dieu..." A whimper. "Fuck me. Take me. I'm yours, please, do it now!"

Fanning herself briskly with one hand, Christy walked quickly down the corridor as the sounds from Asuka's room became louder and more graphic.

I really don't think Trowa'd be likely to stay in there with that going on, she thought, pausing outside the next door along, so he's either in here or borrowing Wufei's bed. Easing the door open quietly to peek in, she frowned as a thought hit her. Actually, with Dan and Asuka next door, it's not exactly going to be peaceful in here, either er er er... Her eyes widened, peering around the edge of the door. Especially since Trowa is in here, and Jay isn't, and there's still only one bed occupied and damn he's flexible! She eased the door closed again and tiptoed off, slightly shaky. Whoo. At least those two are quiet about it.

Reaching Mel's door, she shoved it open and walked in, flicking on the light and quickly checking both beds. "Thank Osiris, at least there's two other people in this barracks who aren't either bonking like rabbits or sleeping it off!"

"I take it you're running away from the 'Things That Go Hump in the Night', too?" Mel said dryly, propping herself up on one elbow and shading her eyes. Jay's hand poked out from under the mound of blankets on Wufei's bed and waved.

"Just give me a damn blanket and a pillow and I'll sleep on the floor. It's like a pornographic nightmare out there... or wet dream... I haven't decided yet," Christy grouched.

"I say, no need for that," Jay's muffled voice protested. She wriggled up from under the covers and smiled invitingly, lifting up the edge of the blankets. "We can share, wot? Good sized bed, both small people and all that. It's not as if we haven't shared before."

Christy eyed her suspiciously. "I dunno. Are you going to be picking up stuff from them? I don't want to wake up and find you humping my leg in your sleep."

"I'm shielding!" Jay protested, then made a face. "I have to! Peeking in on one person's mind while they're making whoopee would be voyeurism, but peeking in on four to seven at once would be insane! I'd probably end up with mild psychic burns and a feeling of ambivalence towards cucumbers."

"...All right then," Christy said doubtfully, and turned off the light. As she was climbing into bed next to Jay, she suddenly snickered.

"What's so funny?" Mel asked, yawning. "Apart from two sets of sexually frustrated hotties getting the idea on the same day, that is?"

"I think I was right," Christy chuckled, settling down. "Somebody did let off a hormone bomb today!"

End 'Warped Mirrors'
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