Bishounen Hunting Duo

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Episode 2



Welcome to the second episode of the documentary series we might as well call 'Stalking the Wild Duo', Trowa's voice said dryly as the camera steadied, focussing on a square of treetops and sky through a window. Today's program will focus on the Duo's athletic abilities, specifically his affinity for water.

The camera moved closer to the window and tilted downwards as Trowa's narration continued, looking down from the second storey on a large swimming pool. Duo was splashing and diving in the center, coaxing Quatre into deeper water while Wufei and Heero watched from the edge, occasionally calling comments and advice.

Most of the bishounen in this group are actually poor swimmers, Trowa explained, zooming in briefly on Quatre's cautious dog-paddle, since they grew up in places where water isn't often found in large quantities, and swimming isn't a priority skill. The Heero can float, he snickered, panning over to show the Japanese ex-pilot vigorously shaking his head in response to Duo's beckoning him in, but that's all he can do... besides which, he tends to float face down, not face up. That position is known as the 'Dead Man's Float', and there have been a couple of occasions where he would have ended up a dead man if nobody had been there to haul him out. Anyway. Getting back to the Duo.

If the Duo followed the pattern set by the other bishounen, he should be the worst swimmer of the lot, since he comes from the environment with the least available water.

Trowa's narration paused for several seconds as the camera swung back to show Duo swimming fast circles around Quatre, sidestroke, talking a mile a minute, but not getting any water in his mouth.

He's not sinking, Trowa pointed out calmly. In fact, he's a water baby. The Duo sometimes seems determined to make up for all the water related activities he missed out on as a child; when the other members of the pack are looking for him, the pool is one of the first places they check, along with the bath, the shower, and-- in warm weather-- any patch of lawn that has a sprinkler aimed at it.

This habit of the Duo's has proven to have more than one beneficial side effect, too, Trowa continued, camera following Duo as he broke away from his circuit around Quatre and swam to the side of the pool. For one thing, the Duo isn't likely to drown accidentally. For another, he's the only member of this pack who doesn't have a planned exercise routine, but he is definitely not out of shape.

Duo pulled himself up onto the tiled rim, braid plastering itself to his back as the water streamed off him. For the second time, Trowa let the camera do the talking, slowly panning down the length of Duo's smooth muscled back and legs as he stood talking to Heero and Wufei. After the first comprehensive scan, the image slid back up and zoomed in on Duo's rear, the shape of which was easily discernible under his wet and clingy surf shorts.

I don't think the Duo's realised yet that I'm not the only person in this house with 'trim, well-developed gluteus maximii', Trowa murmured wickedly, but I can definitely state that the Heero and Wufei have noticed.

That threesome is actually a perfect example of something mentioned in yesterday's program. The Duo's ability to draw people into situations they would never have considered entering... situations that they end up enjoying.

Shifting sideways and zooming out slightly, to get both into the shot at the same time, the camera focussed on Heero and Wufei sitting on the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the water. Heero was turned slightly to the right, apparently chuckling as he spoke to Duo, and Wufei was smiling quietly as he watched them. Both the Heero and the Wufei are extremely possessive and solitary types, not at all the sort of bishounen you would expect to share a house, much less a room and a mate. On top of that, they didn't get on very well when they first met. Despite this, one day they were suddenly living together, which seemed to come as a bigger surprise to them than to anyone else. Now they appreciate each other's company as much as they do the Duo's, and all three of them understand and support each other completely...

Duo waved one hand in a sketchy farewell and began to walk away from the pool. Heero waved back and turned to watch Quatre again, but Wufei shot a sharp glance after the departing teen, raised an eyebrow, stood up and quietly strolled away from the water's edge.

...though the Wufei seems to understand the Duo's less serious motivations a little more completely than Heero does, sometimes.


Duo's gleeful yell was audible through the window as he sprinted back and canonballed into the pool, nearly swamping Quatre and thoroughly drenching Heero. After the water settled, Wufei stepped out of the sheltered area behind a half-folded umbrella, watched Heero sputter for a few seconds, then calmly dropped a dry towel over his head and strolled away again.

Trowa chuckled softly, camera following Quatre as he floundered around the pool in Duo's wake, vigorously trying to splash him, but laughing so hard that Heero was in more danger of getting wet again than Duo was.

That brings us to the end of today's program since, I think it's time I joined the fun. Come back tomorrow to see our third episode, featuring Heero Yui's view of his mate.



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