Bish Hunter Duo



"Have any of you noticed Duo acting... strangely... since he got back from his last mission?"

The other three ex-pilots present looked back at Wufei with expressions that ranged from puzzled to surprised. In the distance, the sound of Duo's motorbike heading down the road towards a massive icecream pigout in town could still be heard.

Heero was the first to react. "Duo usually acts strangely," he said wryly. "It's one of his most endearing traits."

Wufei snorted. "I mean, strangely for him, not strangely by normal people's standards. Specifically, have any of you seen him hiding in trees with a camera, or did he only do that to me?"

"He borrowed the mini-camera on Monday," Trowa volunteered. "I haven't seen him using it, though."

"Neither have I, exactly," Wufei admitted. "I did see the end of his braid hanging out of a tree that was shaking suspiciously, though, and something was reflecting light; it looked like either a small camera lens or a rifle sight, and I didn't think he planned to shoot me."

"Did he say anything about what he planned to do with the camera?" Heero asked, raising one eyebrow in Trowa's direction.

"Yes, but I didn't understand it."

"That's normal," Quatre muttered, stifling a giggle.

"He said something about..." Trowa frowned, thinking. "David Attenborough? I didn't get the reference."

Heero and Wufei shrugged, but Quatre's eyes widened. "He was a zoologist and documentary presenter in the... uh... 20th or 21st century, I think."

"Documentaries?" Wufei said slowly. "Wildlife documentaries, I assume?" When Quatre nodded, the Chinese ex-pilot started chuckling. "And Duo was filming me... I want to find that camera!"


One short search later:

The tiny video camera had been hooked up to the TV and was coming to the end of its stored 'features'. Quatre was giggling helplessly, Trowa was trying to suppress a huge grin, and Heero and Wufei seemed to be torn between embarassment and laughter.

"'Sixpack'," Heero snorted, glancing sideways at Wufei.

"'Primitive religious significance'," Wufei retorted, elbowing him.

"'Nesting behaviour'," Trowa grinned at Quatre.

"'Well-developed gluteus maximii'," Quatre shot back, managing a suggestive leer that looked completely out of place on his features.

"'Plumage'!" Heero sputtered, starting to laugh.

When the snickering finally died down, Wufei stood up, unhooked the camera from the TV and bounced it in his hand a few times. "Of course, you realise what we have to do now."

"We're going to need some more cameras," Quatre grinned back at him.


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