Changing Allegiance

Chapter 34




"Hn. They've already begun..."

There was a sharp knock on the door and Quatre and Trowa, the blond carrying his laptop, walked into the conference room, set the computer up on the table, and settled in front of it.

"We thought you might prefer to watch the broadcast with company," Trowa murmured, sitting down and fine-tuning the reception.

Heero set his computer aside and joined his friends at the table. "Good idea," he replied, sitting beside the taller teen. "Zechs? Are you joining us?"

The tall blond nodded, and sat himself next to Heero.

Sally walked into the conference room, nodded to the others, then dropped into the chair next to Quatre and began setting up her laptop.

"Quatre... can you network these together? I saw you heading in here and figured watching this with company was better than watching alone..." she asked.

"Certainly, Sally," Quatre replied, smiling and starting to connect the computers.

Five minutes later, Walker, Une and Howard arrived, the older man carrying another laptop and a couple of cords.

"We were going to watch this in the hangar, but took a chance you'd all be in here," Howard said, setting his things down and handing the cords to Quatre. "Hook us up, too, Blondie, would you?"

"Sure, Howard, no problem," Quatre said with a grin, gathering the wires and networking all three laptops. "We're guessing they should start in about ten minutes or so - "

The door opened and Farley rushed in.

"Did I miss anything?" the young doctor asked, sliding into a seat next to Sally. "Marie was holding out for more stories. She should have been asleep hours ago, but she's too keyed up."

"She's probably picking up on our own anxieties," Une offered.

"Could be," Farley replied with a shrug. "I called Ines in to keep an eye on her. When I left, they were discussing the correct way to change brake pads."

Light laughter swept the table.

"That doesn't surprise me in the least," Zechs said with a smirk.

"Okay, we're all hooked up and ready to roll," Quatre said cheerfully. "Now we just have to wait... Did anyone bring popcorn?"


"Lieutenant Noin!" a young soldier called, knocking loudly on her bedroom door. "Lieutenant! Wake up! You have to see this!"

Noin jumped out of bed, threw on a robe and opened the door.

"What is it?"

"It's General Treize, ma'am," the soldier said, turning and heading towards the office. "He's making an announcement on the military channel. I've sent Taylor to get Miss Relena -"

He was cut off as Relena and another soldier rushed down the hall. They all hurried into the office and the first soldier turned on the video receiver. Treize's image appeared on the screen and his voice came clearly through the speakers.

"Thus you are not the only person to hear what I have to say to you. I thought for a long time about what could possibly be adequate for this moment. To your credit, I could think of nothing that was worthy to trouble you with. But fortunately, history has provided me with the necessary words..."

"Oh, dear... I didn't plan on this," Noin murmured, eyes glued to the screen in front of her.

"Hm. Well, it does prove to the military world that he is alive and well, and that he's broken with Romafeller," Relena replied, then turned to Taylor. "Private, is this being shown to all of the Oz personnel here?"

"Ah, I believe so, ma'am," the young man replied.

"Excellent. Let's hope they listen and join him... Oh, very nice Treize," Relena continued, admiration clear in her tone. "Quoting the ancient American Declaration of Independence... Noin?"

"Yes, Relena?"

"Remind me to ask him to write my speeches. I may not like the man personally, but he is one hell of a speaker."



"Remember my face, Dermail. I am back and it will not be long before I come after you. Enjoy your power – you shall lose it soon." The screen erupted in static and a hush fell over the room as everyone digested what they had just seen and heard.

"Well," Sally said, closing her laptop and breaking the silence, "I always said he had class."

Muffled chuckles answered her, then everyone got serious.

"So, according to the plan, they'll blow the facility, sneak back to their hotel, then play tourist again for the day, right?" Walker asked.

Quatre nodded. "Following their 'tourist' itinerary for the day will also help to throw Romafeller off track. Of course, when they leave for their 'safari', they'll actually be returning here."

"If there are no complications, they should be back on base in approximately forty hours," Zechs added, running a hand through his hair.

Howard packed up his laptop and rose, absently patting Heero's shoulder. "I don't know about you kids, but this old man needs some sleep if he's going to put Tallgeese and Heavyarms back together any time soon." He nodded to everyone and walked out the door.

Howard's action seemed to be a signal to the rest of the room's occupants, as first Une and Walker, then Sally and Farley, and finally Trowa and Quatre left to find their beds. Heero waited until Zechs had resettled himself on his couch, before turning off the lights and lying on his own couch.

"Good night, Heero," the blond said quietly.

"Good night, Zechs."


Wufei cringed as bullets flew close to his head. "For the love of… since when are any OZ guards competent enough to get this close?!" He ducked behind a wall and pulled the pin on a grenade, tossing it back in the direction he'd just come from.

He waited for the explosion before he cued his microphone. "Change of plans. Rendez-vous in ten minutes. The Candles are lit." Without waiting for a confirmation of his message, he pulled the remote control for the explosives he'd set and activated them all, including the last one, still in his bag.

Treize's voice crackled a little in his earpiece. "Roger that. Status?"

"Operational. Now move your asses!" Wufei snapped. Treize's question was enough to remind him just how badly he was aching from the stunt he'd pulled -

Surrounded, he'd jumped from the scaffolding he'd been perched on, attempting a Trowa-like dismount through 15 ft of empty air. Needless to say, his landing had left much to be desired.

He attempted to move out again and gasped in pain.

This wasn't looking good. Not at all!


Duo ran ahead of Treize, the machine gun in his hands spitting death at anyone dumb enough to get in their way. Ten minutes to extract was definitely not long enough. Something had to be terribly wrong! Dammit, Fei! Why did you light the fuses, already?! What happened?

"Look out!" The braided teen was unprepared as a soldier ran into him, and the two went down in a tumble of arms and legs. Duo cried out as the soldier landed on top of him, putting pressure on his wrapped ribs. It felt like his chest was on fire-

There were hands around his neck, and he couldn't breathe. Duo forced down his fear and yanked his knife-

Treize jumped back from trying to haul the man off his partner as the soldier screamed and seemed to spring away.

Duo held on, using the man's strength to pull himself up, and yanked his knife free from the unfortunate soldier's stomach, slashing it quickly over his exposed throat.

Treize cringed as blood sprayed over them both and yanked Duo along. "No time! Move!"

"Jesus! You don't have to try to yank my arm off, you know…"

Treize ignored the complaint. "How's your chest?"

"Feels just like a chest. What do you think?!" Duo snapped back, bringing his weapon back up again and firing off a small burst down the hallway on his right.

Treize didn't bother answering as they rounded a corner. They were almost at the doors. He brought up his gun and fired on the guards, not allowing himself to look at their faces as he dashed on.

The air was forced out of his lungs with a heavy *whuff*, though, as the door burst open and smacked into him. His head smacked back against the wall and he saw stars for a moment.

A loud explosion brought him out of his dazed state, though, and he looked over-

Somehow, Wufei was leaning on Duo heavily, his eyes closed while Duo pulled yet another grenade and threw it back behind them. He rushed to them. "Fei, what the…"

Duo pushed Wufei into Treize's surprised arms as gently as he could muster. "Save it, lovebirds. This place goes up in smoke in two minutes."

Wufei looked up, pain dancing in his eyes, mixed with determination. "Let me-"

"Shut up, Fei. I'm going first, you guys follow. Don't fall behind." Duo's voice was just edgy enough that Treize and Wufei both looked up at him-

Concern was glowing in Duo's eyes, along with enough fear that the other two immediately felt grounded by it. They nodded back.

Duo grinned and, grabbing Wufei's machine gun, sprinted out the door.

"Wufei, are you…"

"Just shut up and follow him, okay? You can baby me later," the Chinese pilot replied tiredly.

Even Treize couldn't help a grin. "I'll hold you to that, dragon."


"Auda, are you ready?"

"All set, Rashid," Auda's voice crackled in the Manguanac leader's earpiece. "Just give the signal and the motor pool goes up in flame - whoa! I think that was the signal!"

Rashid jumped as he heard the muffled sound of an explosion in the centre of the base. "Damn it - go! Abdul -"

"Right, chief! Plan B going into action! Let's go, men. Time to lead the goons on a goose chase!"

Rashid moved his group closer to the gate, then waved the two two-man teams to remove the guards. Once accomplished, they secured the main door, hiding in the shadows. Rashid joined them, frowning.

"This is too early. Something must have gone wrong. Bashir, Imad - if they're not out in eight minutes, we go in after them."

Both men nodded and Rashid sent up a silent prayer that was interrupted by a nearby explosion.

"That's it! We're going in!" Rashid ran for the door then stopped short as it slammed open in front of him, three figures slowly emerging from the smoke.

"I'm fine, 'Fei! Just tired! You're the idiot who thought his name was Trowa Barton!" the figure on the right wheezed.

"Duo..." Treize's voice said calmingly, and as some of the smoke cleared, the tall Arab stood in mild shock and saw the blood-coated general between the two equally battered and filthy pilots, holding both of them upright and somehow managing to drag them forward.

"It's not as if I had a choice!" Wufei snapped back. "At least I wasn't trying to wrestle someone twice my size! I don't have purple hand prints around my neck!"

"Wufei..." Treize tried again, still moving slowly forward.

"Yeah, well, I didn't break anything!"

"Neither did I!"

"Oh yeah?! What -" the braided teen broke off as a violent coughing spasm shook his body. Treize was forced to stop and wait for it to pass. Behind them a chain reaction of explosions was turning the base into an inferno.

"Gentlemen - ENOUGH! Since I'm the only one capable of moving on his own, you will cease this petty squabbling and STOP SLOWING US DOWN!" the older man nearly shouted. "I'd like to get you two out of here alive, if you don't mind!"

The general's frustrated outburst had the waiting Maguanacs rushing forward, Rashid in the lead snapping orders.

"Bashir! Help the general! Imad, take Master Wufei!" he said, grabbing Duo and scooping him into his arms. On Treize's other side, Imad picked up the grumbling Wufei.

"Thank you," Treize said, leaning heavily on Bashir. "Excellent timing. They were getting heavy and annoying."

"I resent that," Duo choked out, letting Rashid carry him toward the gate without protest. "I may be annoying, but I'm light as a feather! Just ask Rashid!"

"And I'm never annoying," Wufei protested.

Rashid interrupted the Chinese teen as they passed the gate. "We do not want to attract undue attention, so we will be taking all of the back alleys we mapped out. Emre and Ihsan have gone ahead, but I can call them back if you need more assistance, Master Treize..."

"No, I'll be fine," Treize replied, surprised at the 'Master' Rashid had attached to his name. "These two took the brunt of the action tonight. A hot shower and some sleep once we get to the hotel room would be appreciated, though."

"Hmph," Wufei snorted. "You're limping, barely moving your right arm, that finger looks broken and you have a beautiful bruise on your forehead... You might have mentioned you need an aspirin, an icepack and a couple of bandages at least."

Duo, already nearly dozing in Rashid's arms from his exhaustion, snickered, then began coughing again. Once the spasm had passed and he could catch his breath, he wheezed petulantly, "You should know your lover by now, 'Fei. He's a grown up, and complaining about a few bumps and bruises isn't elegant enough for his adult, aristocratic self..."

"Not true, Duo," Wufei snickered. "You should hear him complain when Zechs and I -"

"CHANG WUFEI! Don't you dare..." Treize hissed, grateful that the darkness in the alley hid the blush he could feel on his face.

Muffled chuckles floated down the alley as the small group continued on.


Sally and Farley stared at the screen, perplexed. "I asked him to report in to us. What the hell is this?!" the base commander commented, reaching for her teacup.

Farley shook his head. "We're just missing something. You know Marco - he's good. Open the file again."

Sally snorted, but obeyed. The email in front of her said precisely nothing, though. This was the seventh time they'd read it, and it still said nothing, as she was more than happy to tell her companion.

He rolled his eyes. "Just humour me, okay?"


"Something the matter, here?" a new voice asked from the doorway.

Sally shot the newcomer - Une - a look. "I'm just… Take a look at this! It doesn't make sense!"

Une caught Farley's eye as he stood to give her his seat. "Now what's… Oh. This is the man you sent in after Athena, correct?"

Sally just nodded. Reaching past her, Une opened the message for the eighth time and began reading. She laughed a little. "They key is right here - he wrote, 'Costa Rica is such an interesting place! I wish I could be in two places at once - or at least doing two things at once. I'll never have time for it all, otherwise.' He sent you some embedded files."

Sally and Farley looked at each other and blinked. "Embedded… where?!" the young man asked.

Une clicked on the first photo. "No idea. We'll have to look at each in turn. I take it you've already looked at all these?" At Sally's nod, she continued, "Okay."

The picture that came up was ridiculous - some guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt that even Howard wouldn't have touched, grinning like a maniac in some bar. Une blinked. "Where did he get these pictures?!"

Farley choked down a laugh. "Don't ask. We don't."

Une cracked a grin, but managed to stay serious. "Allright. I think we've got something here."


Trowa and Quatre were sitting side by side, overseeing the reconstruction of Heavyarms, when Farley finally found them. The blond looked up and gave him a smile. "Hi, Farley! Have you seen these plans? I can't believe Duo kept most of this such a secret…"

Farley shook his head as he sat down. "To be honest, I don't know too much about engineering. Med school was enough for me. Is Heero around, too?"

Trowa looked over, sensing there was some purpose to the question. "He's the one working in my mainframe right now. Did his test results come in?" Quatre froze, surprised he'd allowed himself to forget about it.

Farley smiled. "Yes, they did, and while I know Sally wants to talk the results over with him before she talked to all of you, I can tell you he's not in any danger. We have something else to talk about, though, and we need all of you for it."

Quatre's eyes narrowed. He could sense that there was something very serious coming at them. He stood and patted Trowa's shoulder. "I'll fetch Heero," he said quietly, slipping away before his lover could react.

Trowa lifted an eyebrow at the young doctor. "I don't suppose you can give me a hint of what this is about."

Farley shook his head. "It's… complicated. I'd prefer to wait."

"And Heero's really okay?"

Farley smiled. "Yes. My apologies - with the mission going on, we didn't think it would be right to bring it up. Trust me - if there had been anything remotely wrong with him, Sally would have done something about it, mission or no mission."



Wufei limped into the central room of the suite grumbling mildly. Spying his lover on the long couch, he slowly made his way over and sat beside him.

"You know," the Chinese teen said, scowling slightly. "I hate waking up alone now, and it's all your fault."

"Mine?" the older man asked, wincing slightly as the pain in his right shoulder reminded him that raising his arm was not a good idea.

"Yes, yours. You've spoiled me lately. You could have at least woken me and given me the option of rising or going back to sleep," Wufei replied petulantly.

"Ah, young love," Abdul chuckled from the small kitchenette. "Auda suffers from the same malady, Master Wufei. He is missing his Safiya. Our room only has one large bed, forcing us to share and when I woke, his arms were wrapped around my neck and he refused to let me rise..."

"Perhaps," Auda shot back, carrying a pot of coffee into the lounge, "I was attempting to strangle you in your sleep."

"You obviously need more training, then, since you were unsuccessful and I am still alive," Abdul countered, limping behind his friend with a tray of cups and two icepacks.

"I need training? I am not the one who tripped on a pile of rubble and ended up with an eight inch gash in his leg - "

"So, that's why you're limping," Wufei said, resting his foot on the coffee table and placing one pack on his tightly wrapped knee, the other on his ankle.

"Yes," Auda said, smirking and continuing to taunt his friend, "he tripped on his way back here. That is why he arrived so late... and the main reason his mood is so foul. He arrived back shortly before dawn and had just fallen asleep when I tried to strangle him for his tardiness."

Treize chuckled at their bantering, then raised an eyebrow at Abdul. "Have you had the wound tended to?"

The Arab shrugged. "I cleaned and bandaged it. Rashid will decide what else it needs when he joins us. It was so late when I returned that I did no more than poke my head into the room and tell him we were back."

"What time is it anyway?" Wufei asked, looking at the bright sunlight streaming across the floor.

"Eight-thirty," Auda said, walking back to the kitchenette. "Breakfast is nearly finished cooking."

"Food is cooking and Duo isn't up yet?" Wufei said, brow furrowing with mild concern. "Has anyone checked? Is he all right?"

Muffled voices came from Rashid and Duo's shared room and the door opened, Rashid stepping through with Duo in his arms.

"Master Duo is fine. Last night's activities merely pushed him to exhaustion and I have ordered him to take it easy today to recover."

"Master Duo is not fine," the long-haired teen grumbled as Rashid crossed the room to deposit his charge on the second, unoccupied couch. "Master Duo is not happy. Master Duo spent a week in bed, then another week being carried around. Finally, Master Duo is allowed up and about, and gets to go on a mission, but his hulking, evil, Arab babysitter insists on babying him after said mission, because of a little over-exertion." He gave Rashid a dirty look as the man set him down and put a blanket over him, then frowned even more as tangled strands of his loose hair tumbled over his shoulder.

"And to make things even worse, said evil minion let me fall asleep with my hair loose and now it will take months to get through it! Look at it!" He grasped a handful of his hair and waved it in front of him. "It's a rat's nest - "

"Master Duo, if you will please notice how your hand is shaking, you will see why I want you to rest. Master Quatre will be most displeased if we return you in worse shape than when you left."

Rashid's sincere, concerned tone stopped Duo in mid-rant.

He's really worried, Duo thought, cocking his head and looking at Rashid thoughtfully, and not because 'Quatre will be displeased'. I suppose it won't hurt to humour him... and he is right. I am tired, shaky, and a little worse for the wear. And that blow to the chest had me coughing off and on all night... I didn't realise it upset him that much...

On the other sofa, Treize and Wufei watched the braided boy closely, noticing every additional bruise, the tiny hitch to his breathing, and the slightly shaking hands. Treize turned to his lover and raised a questioning eyebrow. The Chinese teen shrugged back.

'I think he's all right,' he mouthed. 'Nothing serious to worry about, at least.'

Treize nodded and relief settled across his features.

Oblivious to the scrutiny, Duo shook his head slightly at the tall Arab.

"Sorry, Rashid. You're right. I am tired. Last night took more out of me than I expected. I'll be a good boy and obey your orders, okay?"

Rashid nodded. "Thank you, Master Duo. It is greatly appreciated."

Duo's conciliatory expression changed as he stuck out his bottom lip in a childish pout. "So, you still love me, Uncle Rashid?" He held the pout for about thirty seconds before the room exploded into laughter.


Une and Sally were waiting for them when Farley lead Quatre, Trowa, Zechs, Howard, Walker and Heero into the room. He headed to Sally's side and whispered something in her ear quickly before he took his own seat.

The blonde doctor stood quickly, her cheeks flushing. "Oh, Heero! I'm sorry we didn't tell you already! All your tests came back clean. I don't know how to explain it, but… whatever they did to you has left its mark, but you're perfectly healthy."

The gleam in Heero's eyes was the only sign of how relieved he was at the news. He nodded to her. "Good. But I doubt that's why you called us in here."

Sally sighed and looked down at the slim folder on her table top. "No, it's not. I need to ask… Please listen to everything I have to say before you say anything, yourselves. Marco sent us back some data and… both the speed of his reply and the way he sent the information only underscores how important it is that we act as son as possible."

She opened the folder. "Bravo is indeed alive, and currently ensconced at the heart of a research facility in Montreal. According to Marco, she is being kept in a closed room, accessible only by cleared doctors, in full scrubs. When he sent us the email, she was six days into her treatment. She has been strapped to a table to prevent her from harming herself as she… attempts to beat whatever it is they did to her. He said she was by all sensors in perfect health. But she twitches and shivers almost constantly - he suspected she would have been crying out as well, but her breathing sounded weak, as though she had been screaming until her voice came out. I'm sorry - I know this is hard to hear, but you have to know if you are going to understand what I'm going to ask of you.

"I have every reason to believe, given what Marco sent us, that Bravo has been given some version of what you were given as a child, Heero."

That was all he could take. Heero stood up so quickly that his chair flew backwards to slam into the wall. He strode around the table and grabbed the folder out of Sally's hands.

Everyone watched silently as he read it over, then handed it back to the doctor. "It's not quite what I went through. I was given small doses for about two months. They gave it all to her at once. I swear to God, I'm going to kill someone for this!"

Quatre was at his side immediately, the hand on his shoulder clenched just tight enough to ground the Japanese pilot and keep him calm. "Heero?"

The Japanese teen clenched his fists, but managed to keep his voice calm. "J called it 'Super Juice' when I was a kid. It tasted awful and it made me feel as though I swallowed a frantic cat. I don't know what it was, just that… it felt as though you were on fire. I'd be fine, and then out of the blue, it was like every nerve in my body was burning…" Quatre wrapped both arms around his friend in an awkward hug.

Sally clenched the folder in her hands. "If she was given a similar dosage all at once – and intravenously, rather than orally - I can't predict what it would have done. But Marco said she was obviously in a great deal of pain."

"When can we leave?" Trowa asked quietly, his green eyes burning with determination as he stared at an obviously distressed Heero.

Une cleared her throat. "Sally and I already discussed our options on going in for her, and I'm going to lead the team. Heero, Quatre, Farley, Rad and Ines will be accompanying me."

Trowa blinked. "I don't think you heard me. When are we going implies that I would be on the mission."

Sally interjected, "She heard you just fine, Trowa. You are not going, and there is a good reason for it, if you'll let me finish," she added hastily, seeing that he was about to object. "This base needs to be protected, despite the missions going on, and the presence of you five, not to mention Treize, Une and Zechs, makes it an even better target. You and Zechs will be in charge of our physical security. We will have two Gundams ready for battle at all times, so that you could at least buy us the time to evacuate, if we were found out…"

"It's highly unlikely anyone will attack you…" Zechs began.

But Une held up her hand for silence. "I didn't like Duo going to Africa, but you overrode me on that. Trowa, I know you are capable - more capable than I am - but I am putting my foot down. There is no reason to place you at risk until you are fully recovered when we have several other able-bodied teammates of yours who can do as good a job as you could. I have chosen my team, and the choices are non-negotiable."


Dorothy sighed, mentally assuming her public role as the war-lover coming to learn pacifism, then climbed the front steps of the school where Relena was waiting. As she reached the top, the Princess spoke.

"Welcome to the Sanc Kingdom."

Dorothy clasped her hands to her breast and started her show. "I didn't know the Sanc Princess was also the principal of the school! I am Dorothy Catalonia," she simpered, curtseying. "Between your duties and teaching... you must be so busy! I have so much respect for you! I am so happy to be here!"

Relena nodded and smiled slightly. "I don't do this alone. I'm also a student, Miss Catalonia."

"Oh, please, you must call me Dorothy," the taller girl exclaimed, mentally cringing at her subservient tone. This could be harder than she expected, since she found herself tentatively liking the princess.

"Then you must call me Relena," the princess replied, then waved towards the doors. "For now, let's go inside and we'll get the rest of the paperwork finished, then I'll give you a tour and let you get settled."

Dorothy stepped forward, and continued her sycophantic babble as they walked towards Relena's office. "No, I couldn't call you that, Miss Relena! It would be impolite. I am your student in the ways of Pacifism!"

They entered the office, and after shutting the door, Dorothy pulled a hand-held scanner out of her purse and made a quick check of the room. Getting the all-clear, she smiled and put the scanner away.

"Well, your office is clean, so I can drop this stupid charade for now at least!" she said brightly, leaning on the large desk in the centre of the room. "I hate all that simpering nonsense. I certainly have to do enough of it in Romafeller."

She grinned at Relena's slightly surprised expression. "I am good at it though. Perhaps when this is over, I should listen to Treize and become an actress?"

Relena giggled. "You had me fooled, and I knew it was all an act."

The taller girl mock-frowned. "Treize told on me, then?" At Relena's nod she shrugged. "Oh well, it was to be expected. I'm sure he warned you that I am normally profoundly blunt, can be rude when necessary, don't deal well with fools -"

"In other words," a new voice said from a side doorway, "you can be an obnoxious stone bitch when the circumstances are right..."

Both blondes spun around, and Noin grinned at them as she walked in, closing the door behind her. Dorothy winked cheekily at her.

"I see you've been listening to Zechs, too," Dorothy replied, chuckling. "He's the only one that calls me that."

Relena giggled again, then stepped forward to make the introductions.

"I've been told you've never actually met. Noin, this is Treize's cousin Dorothy. Dorothy, this is Lucrezia Noin, my advisor, bodyguard and... and my adopted sister."

Dorothy's eyes narrowed shrewdly. "So, someone didn't tell me everything, I see." She turned to Relena. "I guess you know that Zechs is really -"

Relena nodded. "I know he's really Milliardo Peacecraft. We three," she waved her hand to include Noin, "have talked it through. I understand what happened and why. Now I just hope we can end all of this and start over the way it should be."

"Good," the taller blonde said firmly. "That's one thing I don't have to worry about letting slip. So, to business. You, Relena, have some problems. I may be the answer to some of them... or at least be able to help work them out. So, perhaps we should get to work?"

Noin lifted a disk off the desk and walked towards the video screen. "First, Doro, there may be some news you hadn't heard about yet. Did you know Treize was planning to take out Tuberov?"

Dorothy blinked. "He asked me where he was... Oh Lord... he didn't?"

Noin nodded and grinned. "Oh, yes, he did. Last night in fact. Would you like to see?" At Dorothy's nod, she pushed play.


"Oh, BLOODY HELL! I'm going to kill my cousin!"

Pargan nearly dropped the tea tray...


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