Fan Art

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Rebuilding Arc


Duo Imitation by DeeEzBee

'Old Times', portrait of Duo & Wufei, after 'Reunion', by Kirei Tawainaii.

"Cuddle" from 'Death and Dragon ' Arc, STIC time period, by Asuka

Sunhawk comissioned P.L. Nunn to do this one for us!

Drawn by Little B as a thanks for our stories

Drawn by Laurie. Thanks!
For Death and the Dragon Arc, by Toria

'So This is Christmas' by Kirei Tawainaii

'So This is Christmas' by Kirei Tawainaii .

This is done by Ponderosa, for 'Rebuilding' as the winner of the  

Best Alternate Pairing category of the 2002 A Little Piece of Gundam Wing fic contest.

 'Home' by The Fablespinner

Set later in the Death and Dragon Arc, by Miki

'Waiting by the Window' by Karlyl for 'Reunion'
From 'Rebuilding' chapter 15, by DeeEzBee
Photo, by Liz


Done for 'Reunion' by Baby Pen.

'STIC' Collage by Dogmatix



Demon of Justice



 'Demon of Justice' by Orin

Wufei fighting in Nataku by Dogmatix

Krashnark, Duo and Wufei, by Orin

Krashnark, by Orin.
'Wufei... A Prince?' by Dogmatix

By Dogmatix

"Dragon Fist" from 'Demon of Justice' by Kineko

Drawn for 'Demon of Justice' by Lady J

'Naiya' by Orin

'Someday My Prince Will Come' by Orin

Wufei when linked to Nataku by Dogmatix
Drawn for 'Demon of Justice' by Lady J

'Wufei's Link' by Sheena

'Dragon God' by Casey.

'Duo Repose' Possible pic in Wufei's sketchbook.

Going away present for Mel by Miyomi

'Krashnark' by Dogmatix.

'Advocate of War' by Orin.
'Trust' by Lady J




Alarums and Excursions Arc




Hazrat Haan by Dogmatix

Deathscythe and child Duo by Dogmatix.

Deathscythe and kit Duo by Dogmatix

Haan by KC.

'Scythe and Duo by Clau.

Deathscythe and Duo by wyldflowa.



Warped Mirrors


'Asuka' by Spinx

'Asuka' by Asuka

'Asuka' by Asuka

'Gundam Vixens'  by Dogmatix

'Gundam Vixens' badguys, Salina, Hilda and Katrine, by Dogmatix

'Ice and Fire' (Dan and Asuka) by Orin
'Jay' by Spinx

 'Jarvia Vencedor' profile sketch by Orin

Jay by Kineko

'Scoring Dan & Asuka' by Kineko

Warped Mirrors crew by Shinimegami

Quatre and Jay, by JAC

Asuka & Dan sleeping, by Asuka.

The Five Psychos... er, Pilots, by Kineko

'Fire and Ice 2' by Orin

 The 5 pilots by Dogmatix

'Tutankanep' by Orin

 Mel by Kineko


Bish Hunter Series


Duo filming Wufei from 'Bish Hunter Duo', by Lo.

Duo relaxing by DeeEzBee


Changing Allegiance

Heero, Mariemeia and Duo by Quillan.


Rolplaying Series

 Image inspired by Heero's suicidal lemming comment in 'I'm Only Human'. Drawn by Dogmatix.

Various One Shots

'Gundam Boys' by Jen


Non Gw Pics



Sesshoumaru, Crawford, Shuldig & Conan from Mel's 'Chibi Evil' by Dogmatix

Sesshoumaru & Ryouga from 'Cats and Dogs' by Dogmatix


Misc & Gift Pics

Done for Christy by Dogmatix

Xmas pic based loosely from our silly fic 'Twelve Days of Christmas -

 Mel & Christy Style', by TJ Dragonblade. (2003)

Done by Sheena for Christy's birthday.

By Asuka

Done by Nuria, for New Years

Done by Holly

 'Duo & Wufei in the Surf', done by DeeEzBee, for Christy's birthday...

Done for us by wyldflowa Chloe.



The 'Infamous' Plushies by Dogmatix!























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